Meal plans now carry over from year to year at EUP

How does it work?

By Drew Stefanski/

For the first time in school history, university meal plans now carry over from year to year.

In the past, if a student purchased a meal plan in the fall but did not use all of the money added to the plan, the additional money would be added to the meal plan for the spring semester.  However if the student did not use all the money on the meal plan in the spring semester, that student would lose all of the money.

Moving into the fall 2015 semester, the university has announced that if a student does not use all of the money on the meal plan this spring, the money will be added to the person's meal plan for this upcoming fall semester.

If a student chooses not to purchase a meal plan for next semester but still has additional money on a meal plan, the extra money is to be reimbursed to the student via the person's student account.