Four Edinboro graduates discuss jobs in sales

Brian Kightlinger/
Aaron Gast shares his experiences with those attending a panel discussion April 16 in Compton Hall.
A.C.E. holds panel discussion

By Brian Kightlinger/

The Applied Communicators of Edinboro (ACE) hosted a panel discussion on career paths in sales April 16 in Compton Hall. The panel featured four Edinboro University graduates in different areas of sales. The speakers talked about what they do and the different routes they took that brought them to where they are now.

Robert Lowther Jr. was one of the most distinguished guests of the evening. Graduating with the class of ’77, Lowther is the founder of the Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Company and is the owner of Erie Brewing Company. He is also a member of the university’s Council of Trustees.

Following his presentation, the audience was introduced to Brian Prezgay. Prezgay was the founding vice president of ACE before becoming the group’s president. He is now the head of Global Strategy for Cloud Tags and the Principal for Pixels and Bricks. In telling how he got to where he is, Prezgay said, “I couldn’t find the job I wanted to do. So I created it.”

Aaron Gast was the third presenter of the evening. Graduating in 2010, Gast is an account manager for Werkbot Studios in Erie and is the founder of North Coast Bass Anglers.

The final presenter of the night was Kelsey Bone, who graduated in the spring of 2014. Bone is currently a territory manager for Horizon Pharma, a pharmaceutical sales company. Prior to her current position, Bone worked as a sales representative and PR specialist for Erie Brewing Company.