EUP's Cooper Science Center hosts Astronomy Day

Christian Scherrer/
A presentation on the New Horizons spacecraft was made on Astronomy Day.
Pluto In Sight

By Christian Scherrer/

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania celebrated Astronomy Day Tuesday, April 14, with various activities at the Cooper Science Hall. One such activity was a presentation on the upcoming flyby of the New Horizons spacecraft as it approaches its destination - the icy terrestrial, dwarf planet Pluto.

The presentation was by Penn State-Behrend physics and astronomy professor Dr. Darren Williams. He guided listeners through the exploration of the planets, those who discovered them, the journey and trials that New Horizons has embarked upon, and lastly the importance of the mission itself. Through this program patrons gained insight on the New Horizons mission and other vital facts about the cosmos.

The program wrapped up with a Q&A for the audience to give feedback and respond to Dr. William's presentation. Other Astronomy Day activities followed throughout the evening.