Presque Isle Bay won't be frozen for long

Michelle Kowalski/
Dobbins Landing overlooks a frozen bay on March 10 in Erie.
Warm weather is upon us

By Michelle Kowalski/

With the first day of spring recently passing, temperatures will be going up soon.  That means the bay at Erie won't be a giant block of ice anymore.

Usually you wouldn't be able to ice fish, bike, or even walk across the bay at this time of year, but the temperatures have stayed below freezing most of February and even a majority of March, causing the bay to stay frozen solid at 1-2 feet of thickness.

During the winter many people made their way onto the ice doing various activities like fishing or taking a stroll.  The only activity that wasn't accessible on the ice this year was ice boating. The large amounts of snow and slush have made it impossible for boats to come through, an activity that people were able to accomplish as late as St Patrick's day last year.

With rising temperatures and melting ice, the Coast Guard has advised people to use caution concerning the ice.