William Wegman comes to Edinboro University

Famous artist gives presentation

By Elaina Krafick/BoroOnline.com

William Wegman presented a free, public lecture at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 6, at the Louis C. Cole Auditorium.

Wegman spent approximately an hour showing the audience various photographs, paintings, and videos he’s created since the 1970s. Many of his early pictures were polaroids and printed on 8.5” x 11” paper. He had never intended to photograph in color or print images on bigger-sized paper, but he eventually did to keep up with the world as it evolved and changed.

Wegman is most famous for his photographs of Weimaraner dogs, and his ability to get them relaxed enough to pose them for some of the extraordinary images he has taken.

“I like this one a lot,” he said, referring to an image he had shown of a dog standing with his paws across four different boxes, with one of his paws delicately placed pointing down, “because dogs . . . don’t normally stand like that, but I had to move his paw to show him it was okay to stand like that, and I was able to take the picture.”

Wegman also showed the audience some of his paintings in which he placed a postcard on a canvas and then painted around it to expand the image beyond its cropped boundaries. The three videos he played all included Weimaraner dogs.

After his presentation, Wegman answered questions from the audience.