Etiquette Dinner held by the Highland Ambassadors

Event held in Van Houten.

By Nia Clark/

The etiquette dinner was held Friday, March 31, by the Highland Ambassadors. It was a three-hour dinner event held at the Van Houten North Dining Hall that consisted of a networking hour, a five-course meal, and guest speaker Dr. Melissa Gibson. Each participant had to pay $5 and purchase a ticket from the Student Center. The main purpose of the dinner is to teach everyone attending useful skills for interviewing for a job or working with business clients.

There were 80 total participants, 15 of whom were high school students that attend General McLane High School. Each participant was dressed in professional business attire and was ready to be on his or her best behavior. The networking hour consisted of appropriate small talk and light conversations. The true test of etiquette was the five-course meal. The meal was strategically hard to eat while keeping yourself looking professional. There was a soup, salad, hors d'oeuvres, chicken Alfredo, and a chocolate dessert. As you ate each course Dr. Gibson spoke and gave brief guidelines of how you should best eat that course. 

Dr. Gibson ended the night with a small thank you speech and announced that Dr. Fred Walker did attend the etiquette dinner as well.