What is the role of Free Speech on college campuses?

Philosophy Club Discussion

By Kathryn Dolecki/BoroOnline.com

The philosophy club held a discussion on Tuesday, March 22, in Compton 107A which included the following panelists: Kailey Murphy, Rob Diehl, Laura Chandler, Ben Jackson, Josh Szczesny, and Alex Mosely who was the head of the discussion. 

Panelists discussed how free speech is implemented on college campuses and how it might or could be limited in certain ways. They discussed academic freedom and how some people may say that free speech prohibits scholarly and academic circumstances. Some colleges have made limits to free speech that discriminates against race, religion, gender, sexuality, and other aspects.

There is no legal action that colleges can take on hate speech. Universities have been known for creating progressive thoughts that can go against mainstream ideas, some can be seen as good while others can be seen as bad. Panelists discussed if it was okay to include overtly dangerous topics in democratic campuses as well.

Free speech is necessary on college campuses because of what it is meant to do for the people immersed in it, panelists noted, and students should be able to debate topics without fear so they can grow and learn. It was also pointed out that free speech helps people communicate and solve problems and it is needed to find common ground.

Another point mentioned by panelists was that people also have the right to listen to others' free speech, so there must be something implemented to encourage people to let others listen to views even if some people may not agree with them.