Presentation considers women as victims and defendants

Sheimeka Royster/
Dr. Joseph Conti makes a presentation March 14 in Compton Hall.
Dr. Conti educates students

By Sheimeka Royster/

On March 14, Edinboro University Women's History Month held an event in Compton 107A titled “Women as Victims and as Defendants: The Evolution of Pennsylvania Law and Practice within the Criminal Justice Process." The guest speaker was Dr. Joseph P. Conti from the Political Science and Criminal Justice Department. Dr. Conti discussed some of the important changes in Pennsylvania’s law in ways that have affected the experiences of women within the criminal justice system as victims of crimes and as persons who are charged with criminal offenses.

Dr. Conti give statistics about the male and female arrest rates. Interestingly, males have a higher arrest rate by a ratio of 3 to1 to females for all crimes and at a ratio of 4 to 1 for violent crimes. However, females are being arrested more today than 30 to 40 years ago. Women are now being looked on the same way as men.

Dr. Conti then turned his attention to focus on women in the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is represented and looked at as being fair and impartial. Ironically, the criminal justice system has not been fair to women, but actually quiet harsh. Dr. Conti focused on three subjects in this part of the presentation. The first subject was women as victims of sexual assaults by people other than their spouses. The second was women who have been victims of sexual assaults by their spouses. The last subject was women as victims of domestic violence.