Edinboro club baseball prepares for spring break

Noah Pratz/BoroOnline.com
The Edinboro club baseball team participates in a practice in Sox Harrison Stadium on Feb. 21.
One goal in mind

By Noah Pratz/BoroOnline.com

Mid-march is a highly anticipated time for all college students across the country. Spring break is almost here. For some it means they have a week to go wherever they want and party all day and night, others are excited to go home and see their families, while some may anticipate traveling and seeing the world.

For the members of the Edinboro Fighting Scots Club Baseball team, there is a different goal in mind. They will be visiting Plant City, Fla., for a week-long baseball tournament during spring break. The team has the goal of bringing a certified baseball team back to Edinboro University and is looking for a solid performance in Florida as a step in that direction.

To say this is an easy task is not true. The team will be facing some of the top opponents in the nation, including Ohio State University, George Mason, Indiana, Marquette, and other big name schools.