Panel discussion focuses on the Obama presidency

Kathryn Dolecki/
Panelists answer questions asked by people attending a Philosophy Club event on Feb. 9.
Philosophy Club holds event

By Kathryn Dolecki/

On Feb. 9, the Philosophy Club held a panel discussion on the presidency of Barack Obama. The three student panelists were Emma Giering, Josh Szczesny and Josiah Merritt, and the head of the discussion was Alex Mosely. 

Each panelist read a paper they had written to state their opinion on how they think Obama has handled his presidency. Most people agreed that President Obama was fairly successful. Subjects that were discussed included promises he made before his first term, job opportunities, healthcare, and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the panelists read their essays, those attending were able to ask questions and discuss their opinions on the topic as well. There was some controversy but overall the attendees were able to obtain the information that they wanted.