Lewis A. Brownlee brings the Free Speech debate to Edinboro

Johnathan Mazur/BoroOnline.com
Panelists at the Free Speech discussion Wednesday, Nov. 1, in the Pogue Student Center.
Speak freely or hold your peace

By Johnathan Mazur/BoroOnline.com

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, university faculty, students and members of the general public attended a panel discussion on Free Speech and the knee taking controversy that is a topic of debate for many Americans. The panel at the event in the Pogue Student Center included Dr. James Fisher, Dr. Rhonda Matthews, Professor Umeme Sababu and Dr. Andrew R. Smith and was moderated by Frederick Douglass Scholar Lewis A. Brownlee. 

The panel discussion focused on why kneeling during the national anthem as a sign of protest has been a topic of controversy in recent years and has raised a constitutional question: Does this fall into the grounds of the First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech? The intent of the panel was to encourage educated discussion and debate. The panelists answered questions brought up by the audience involving racial protests in the past, the militarization of police and noted instances from the past of protests at sporting events.