When roads diverge: A closer look at poet Robert Frost

Courtney Polaski/BoroOnline.com
Dr. Robert Haas introduced the panelists at the Jefferson Educational Society on Thursday, Nov. 10, in Erie.
Global Summit Lectures in November

By Courtney Polaski/BoroOnline.com

Scholars presented insight on famous American poet Robert Frost on Thursday, Nov. 10, at the Jefferson Educational Society in Erie. The event was entitled When Roads Diverge: Robert Frost and Belief in the Future, and was free and open to the public.

Panelists included Lesley Lee Francis, Robert Frost’s granddaughter; David Orr, professor at Cornell University; Donald Sheehy, professor of English at Edinboro University; and Robert Bernard Hass, also an English professor at Edinboro University. Dr. Hass was the moderator for the panel, which analyzed the relationship Frost held with society and with himself, and revealed the poet's works to be much more complex than one would think at first glance.

Each person had his or her own unique take on the works. They not only opened the eyes of the audience, but they made points about the works that the other panelists had not considered either. Ms. Francis, the granddaughter of the famed poet, had a lot of interesting background information to offer.

The event was part of Global Summit Lectures, a series that the Jefferson Educational Society is hosting through the month of November. Additional information can be found on the Jefferson Educational Society's website at https://www.jeserie.org. The events are free and open to the public.