Creator of politics film Julie Winokur comes to Edinboro

Students share views on politics

By Lawrence Brumbaugh/

Julie Winokur, director of the documentary Bring it to the table, visited Edinboro Thursday, Oct. 12, to screen her film on asking people with opposing views their opinions on politics. She took some time to facilitate a group discussion on many sensitive subjects with students. The subjects included gay rights and the debilitating conditions in Pennsylvania.

After Winokur asked if anyone had anything on his or her mind, a student shared a story of her gay friend and his boyfriend being harassed in Edinboro. The students attending were appalled by that and supported the girl with praises for the gay community.

Near the end of the discussion another student talked about the impact the economy has had on her family and  the surrounding area. This led to students offering their own stories of economic problems and some potential solutions.