The Art of Nordic Walking set at Asbury Woods

When the Scottish visit Scandinavia

By Bradley Peters/

On Thursday, Oct. 26, students can partake in a Nordic Walking event at Asbury Woods. The event costs $2 for nonmembers.

Nordic Walking, originally called  Finnish sauvakävely, is a full body workout for all ages and athletic abilities. Compared to regular walking, Nordic walking adds the component of applying force to poles with each stride. These poles are close to cross country ski poles, but are more specifically designed for walking. Nordic walkers use more of their entire body and receive fitness building stimulation not present in normal walking.

This isn't just for walking however. This is also used as a way to train cross county skiers in the off season. So if you want to enjoy some physical activity or try skiing without the snow, this is a great activity to try.

Nordic walking is held annually at Asbury Woods and offers a good way to walk off stress.