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McKean fourth grader captures day

Mon, 2018-08-20 08:47

We are officially one week away from the start of the 2018-2019 School Year.

What can your elementary child expect?

Last Spring, we asked McKean Elementary student Emma Dubynski to capture her day using a GoPro.


William and Mary Smith Grant Winners Announced

Tue, 2018-08-14 14:25

Erie Gives Day is August 14, 2018. From 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., the Erie Community Foundation will match a percentage of donations received online. Individuals who wish to donate $25 or more to the General McLane Foundation can stretch their dollars even further and make a bigger impact on General McLane students by making a donation on this day at


The General McLane Foundation has awarded the 2017 William E. and Mary S. Smith Middle School Innovative Education Program Grant to James W. Parker Middle School art teacher Christina Martin and technical education teacher Bill Moats.

The $500 grants will be used to purchase a mobile tool cart that can be used for the entire building for multiple uses, as well as equipment for enhanced digital artistry in Art class and the building’s new Makerspace.

“The third grant was used to purchase high quality stylus’ for graphic design and photography graphs projects within my art curriculum. We use these for iPad projects,” said Martin, who serves as an art teacher in the District. “My students are thrilled with these! They truly make a difference in the quality of craftsmanship.”

The grant stems from former James W. Parker Middle School math teacher Bill Smith and his wife, Mary. These classroom grants provide middle school teachers with up to $500 for special projects/activities/enhancements. Since 2013, eleven JWPMS teachers have received this grant to enhance their curriculum.

Martin’s project focuses on creating digital artists. The equipment purchased will help students create quality works of arts on their iPads. Students will also be able to create a digital portfolio.

Moats’ project will fund a portable mechanics tool chest, along with new update hand, electrical and mechanical tools to enhance the technical education department and Inventionland students. This will be used for students in the classroom, as well as during the annual STEM Competition.

This past year, the William E. and Mary S. Smith Middle School Innovative Educational Program Grant funded two projects that were implemented:

  • JWPMS math teacher Chris Triola launched a modern mathematics program to transform the physical structure of the classroom from being teacher-centered to student-centered through environmental enhancements. Through the purchase of new furniture, lap desks and tools, Triola used the grant to create a more flexible learning environment for students.
  • JWPMS eighth graders learned how to successfully design a unique t-shirt design through screen printing. Through the purchase of professional equipment for creation, printing, and clean up, art teacher Christina Martin used the grant to focus on creativity and expose students to a real-life creative job opportunity.

The General McLane Foundation was founded in 2005 as an organization exclusively for charitable educational purposes that will benefit the students of the General McLane School District. Each year, the Foundation hosts the Holiday Arts Fair and the Golf Outing – two major events that help fund scholarships to graduating seniors.

To learn more about the General McLane Foundation, visit

General McLane Foundation 2018 Scholarship Winners

Mon, 2018-08-13 11:18

Erie Gives Day is August 14, 2018. From 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., the Erie Community Foundation will match a percentage of donations received online. Individuals who wish to donate $25 or more to the General McLane Foundation can stretch their dollars even further and make a bigger impact on General McLane students by making a donation on this day at

The General McLane Foundation, an organization designed exclusively for charitable educational purposes that would benefit the students of the General McLane School District, awarded thirty (30) scholarships during the 2017-2018 School Year to graduating seniors. These scholarships totaled more than $18,000.

Out of the 30 scholarships, two new scholarships were created and awarded. Two highlights among the scholarships this year include:

  • Melina Walter received the first-ever Gae Fuller Scholarship. The Gae M. Fuller Nursing Education Scholarship Fund will annually award a scholarship to a senior committed to becoming a nurse and who will be majoring in nursing at a four-year college or university. The fund was created by long-time Edinboro resident and retired United States Navy Captain Gae Fuller.
  • Abby Raun received the first-ever Huntley Family Scholarship. The Jean and Alton Huntley Family Endowment will annually award a graduating senior who will be attending Edinboro University or a local technical school with a cash scholarship. This fund was in memory of former Edinboro residents, Jean and Alton.

2017-2018 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Dave Smith Award – Jack Parker & Josh Schreiber

John Gillette Scholarship – Mia Schaller & Luke McEldowney

RA Fuller Scholarship – Julia Taylor

James Hill Scholarship – Abigail Parker

Scarlett Science Scholarship – Madison Schutt

PNC Capital Markets – Hunter Larson

Patricia Chaffee Scholarship – Devin Barry

Janet Clapper Scholarship – Abby Flak

Cindy Walker Memorial Scholarship – Amelia Swenski

Gail Orbanek Scholarship – Mary Claire Cousins

Mary Pfeffer Scholarship – Ellec Scouten

Jennifer Woodland Scholarship – Olivia Evankovich

Thomas McGinty Scholarship – Clinton Connelly & Nicole Foulkrod

Jon & Nancy Kron Scholarship – Hannah McDermott

Brendan O’Connor Scholarship – Simon Zehr

Dr Ray Birchard Scholarship – Brad Yoder

Dick Dundon Scholarship – Mia Schaller  & Brett Mallory

Therese T Walter Scholarship – Maxwell Patterson

Ed Linden Memorial Scholarship – Amelia Swenski

Gillespie Foundation Scholarship – Brad Motter

Danny Woods Scholarship – Alayna Willow & Simon Zehr

David Knickerbocker Scholarship-  Simon Zehr

Francis Lamson Scholarship – Aaron Wagner

Gae M. Fuller Nursing Scholarship – Melina Walter

Huntley Family Scholarship – Abby Raun

For a complete list of scholarship descriptions, please visit the General McLane Foundation on our website

JWPMS Cast Bronze Sculpture for Positive Behavior

Thu, 2018-08-09 09:11

James W. Parker Middle School students will see  something new when they walk through the doors in just a few weeks.

A cast bronze shield will stand in the main lobby, serving as a visual reminder for students that, “You are in charge of your own success,” which is the school’s new Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) slogan.

Fifth grade teacher Laurie Santos and art teacher Christina Martin created the design and repurposed 400 pounds of bronze from an older, broken bronze sculpture that previously was in the lobby.

Edinboro University art professor David Martin and sculpture professor / Bruce Gallery director Dietrich Wegner served as collaborators on the project, helping them to pour the metal for the cast bronze and put the shield together.

PBIS, a national model to promote positive behavior growth, is something Whitford has wanted to implement building-wide since joining the District in 2017. Together with JWPMS fifth-grade teachers, Whitford began implementing the plan this past December after developing a framework during the fall.

This fall, they will roll out the program for all fifth and sixth grade students.

This new model focuses on shifting students’ mindsets with recognition, rewards and celebrations. Students receive awards based on modeling Parker Pride behavior expectations, a chart of uniform expectations for five different areas. At first, the model allowed students to earn individual or class points,with the incentive varying each week. This fall, the model is being changed slightly and will allow students to earn Parker Pride tickets, with incentives to be more randomly dispersed through the school year.

Teachers are now tracking the average incidents per day and the number of occurrences of minor behavior incidents. Since implanting the system in December, Whitford said that the number of incidents have decreased 25 percent. Typically, behavior is most challenging during the third quarter from January through April. This system reversed that trend, with the least amount of incidents for the year taking place during that time.

PBIS is data driven, as it determines strategies for identifying and teaching expectations for all students, acknowledging appropriate behavior and responding to inappropriate behavior. These components of PBIS assist schools when it comes to being proactive in helping students with their overall success.

Research of the PBIS model indicates that when students are assisted with promoting and obtaining positive behavior, they are also more likely to excel in areas of academic success.

This fall, fifth and sixth grade students will participate in the PBIS model, which will begin the moment they walk through the lobby to see the new sculpture. Over the following two years, the PBIS model will be implemented for the entire school.



Inventionland comes to JWPMS

Thu, 2018-07-26 08:51

At the end of the school year, Inventionland visited James W. Parker Middle School to hear from students on their inventions. The Inventionland curriculum was one of the two initiatives launched within the District this year to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration within middle school and high school students.

To learn more about our initiatives, check outone of these stories:

This is General McLane

Mon, 2018-07-02 14:29

General McLane senior Amelia Swenski created a video showcasing General McLane High School as part of an independent study during the 2017-2018 School Year.

What a phenomenal job!

General McLane Graduation

Mon, 2018-07-02 14:23

General McLane students place top 10 in national engineering competition  

Mon, 2018-06-25 12:07

General McLane High School students have placed in the top ten of a national engineering competition, marking a first-time accomplishment for the District.

The Varsity A team landed in the top overall ten of the Technology Student Association Tests of Engineering Aptitude in Mathematics and Science (TSA TEAMS) Competition, which took place June 22-24 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Varsity B team ranked in top tenfor their Digital Media presentation.

“This is an amazing feat for our students, especially because it is a really rigorous competition,” said superintendent Richard Scaletta. “This experience has allowed our students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to the real world, and that makes us extremely proud.”

TEAMS is an engineering aptitude, mathematics and science testing competition designed to help middle school and high school students discover their potential in the engineering field. Students preparetwo-minute videos to promote fictional green consulting firms they created to execute the tasks they’re assigned. The Design/Build challenge tasked students with creating a miniature model home heated with thermodynamic principles.

General McLane had three teams and 24 students qualify for the national competition based on results from the state level. Only the top three teams in the state at each level are automatically qualified to compete at the national TEAMS competition.

There are three divisions, Middle School, 9/10 level and 11/12 level.  In each division, they name those who scored in the top 10 in these four categories: Design Build, Digital media, prepared presentation and Best in the Nation (overall score of all three events).

Students competed against teamsfrom prominent areas like Silicon Valley, where their high school campus includes an entire building for STREAM:  Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering and Math.

Team A 11/12 students include Maddison Schutt, Jacqueline Brown, Zach Gray, Alex Lofgren, Jesse Nathanson, Logan Segal, Brad Yoder and Nicole Foulkrod.

Team B 11/12 students include Kaley Berger, Cayden Connolly, Nate Price, Luke McEldowney, Alexis Throop, Claire Campbell, Tyler Massey, and Vincent Spada.

The 9th / 10th grade students include Ellie Conaway, Glory Linebach, Calder Martin, Nick Tysiachney, Kaylei Wooten, Hannah Burbules, Remlee Robinson and Evan Zehr.

The 2018 TEAMS competition theme, “Engineering a Greener World,” featured the following topics: durability of materials, economics of green engineering, efficiency of solar power, global health, green energy basics, green building practices and insects and climate change.

Original academic and innovative concepts are developed for the TEAMS competition based on the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges. Overcoming these obstacles requires critical job-readiness skills such as collaboration, analytical thinking and problem-solving.

General McLane High School physics teacherDave Treusch coaches the junior/senior teams and mathematics instructor Rick Terella coaches the freshman/sophomore teams.

This was General McLane’s third year competing at the national level. TEAMS was started by the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS).

JWPMS hosts Student Vocal Recital

Fri, 2018-06-08 15:00

James W. Parker Middle School hosted its first-ever Student Vocal Recital on Monday. There were about thirty acts that auditioned for the event that were narrowed down to 15 acts.

“This event provided a great opportunity for students to receive private lessons and showcase their creativity while performing at a different venue,” said James W. Parker Middle School vocal teacher Julia McCollum, who coordinated the event.

Selected performances included:

“She Used to be Mine” by Sara Bareilles – Abby Walker
“Waving Through a Window” by Benj Pasek – Kiersten Marendt
“Stay” by Rhianna – Savannah Chamberlin
“Pennies from Heaven” by Frank Sinatra – Jonathan Anthony
“Cups” by Anna Kendrick – Darrah Wise
“Human” by Christina Perri – Kayla Morris
“Geronimo” by Sheppard – Lydia Zehr, Alanna Puller, and Nadiya Leslie
“Defying Gravity” by Stephen Schwartz – Meredith Moore
“Paper Bag” by Fiona Apple – Caleigh Meyer
“Never Enough” by John Debney – Cassidy Swain
“Let it Go” by Robert Lopez – Shane Dexter
“Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen – Miranda Kline
“Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor – Taylor Faulkner
“Hellfire” – Isaac Smith
“She Found Light” by Chloe Kiser – Chloe Kiser

The set-up of the event is similar to those done at the college level.  The event took place at Edinboro University’s William P. Alexander Recital Hall.


McKean students read to “water balloon” teachers

Fri, 2018-06-08 13:38

McKean Elementary School second graders had an extra incentive to read during the month of May.

Teachers held a “water balloon your teacher” contest. Students had to complete their home reading log and read for 20 different nights during the month in order to earn their balloons.

We think their reactions say enough!

McKean students use programming and design math

Thu, 2018-06-07 08:53

How do our teachers have students practice angle calculations, metric measurement and distance per second calculation? McKean Elementary fourth graders program Sphero Robots to play golf!

Students designed their own golf holes on the iPads, recieved approval, built their course and programmed the Sphero robots to play each hole.

The goal was to get the Sphero onto the green in the least amount of “strokes.”

They know that the Sphero goes about 22cm per 0.5 seconds at a speed of 50. They use this understanding along with the correct angle measurement to get the Sphero onto the green in the least amount of “strokes.” Be carful! If you run into sand, water, or a tree, that’s a penalty stroke!

JWPMS hosts Awards Assembly

Thu, 2018-06-07 08:51

James W. Parker Middle School hosted their Awards Assembly yesterday.

This end-of-the-year assembly, which has taken place for more than 15 years, recognizes student achievements throughout the school year.

Fifth, sixth and seventh graders are recognized for academic achievements throughout the school year, and eighth graders receive awards based on a variety of criteria focused on overall contributions to the school environment.

The following eighth graders were recognized:

Sandy McClay Math Award – Presented by Mrs. Stull
Zachary Rolland, Avery VanDyke

Jim Connor AAA Award – Presented by Mr. Connor
Ian Kennedy, Ellen Cunningham

Joseph Hack Principal Award – Presented by Mr. Buto
Isaac Mroz, Jenna Kulka

Annette Rilling Music Award – Presented by Dr. Rilling
Isaac Smith, Lauryn Semoe

Gleck Williams Achievement Award – Presented by Mr. Gleck Williams
Roman Lechefsky, Amber Haskins

Alan Karns Citizenship Award – Presented by Mr. Karns
Brandon Dedrick, Maya Wilcox

Congratulations to our students!


Edinboro students win Stock Market Game

Thu, 2018-06-07 08:11

Our students are aiming for Wall Street!

Edinboro Elementary School students recently placed first in the regional 2018 Stock Market Game, sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation.

The Stock Market Game is an online simulation of the global capital markets and engages students in grades 4-12 in the world of economics, investing and personal finance with the goal of preparing them for financially independent futures. Played as a team of 3-5 members, students develop and enhance skills in leadership, management, research, problem solving and team-building.

The team of fourth-graders Brian Lin, Hayden Chong and Sebastian Wegner managed a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio during a 10-week period by investing in stocks chosen from the American, New York and NASDAQ markets. The team had the highest portfolio value at the end of the 10-week trading session in the region.

This program was co-taught by Edinboro Elementary Challenge teacher Michelle Androstic and fourth grade math teacher Bill Frick.

More than 600,000 students in grades three through 12 take part in The Stock Market Game every school year across all 50 states. The Stock Market Game has served 16 million students since its inception in 1977.

Seniors take part in Senior Walk

Tue, 2018-06-05 08:18

On Friday, the General McLane High School Class of 2018 took part in the third annual Senior Walk in both Elementary schools, James W. Parker Middle School and the high school.

Students, teachers and staff cheered on the seniors for their hard work as they paraded through the halls.

This event took place on the seniors last day and was intended to created a culminating connection between students at all levels of the district.

6th graders visit Niagara Falls

Mon, 2018-06-04 14:34

Last week, James W. Parker Middle School sixth graders visited Niagara Falls!

McKean names the 2018 Janelle Guriel Spirit Award recipient

Fri, 2018-06-01 14:27

McKean Elementary fourth grader Charlie Salvo was named this year’s recipient of the Janelle Guriel Spirit Award.

Nominees included Salvo, Andrew Gula, Abby Gula, Shelby Eichner, Finley Neuburger, Daniel Sychuk and Johnathan Kavelish.

This award recognizes a fourth grade student who demonstrates the spirit of Janelle Guriel, a former General McLane student. Students selected for this award quietly make the best choices that affect them and their peers and leads by example without expectation for reward. This recipient represents the GMSD Core Values, is responsible, respectful, fun to be with and safe, exhibits quiet leadership, has shown perseverance, enjoys writing and exhibits a positive relationship toward the environment.

This is the sixth year for this award. Previous recipients included Jackson Spires (’13), Brooke Simmons (’14), Henry Salvo (’15), Megan Grutkowski (’16) and Izabella Behnke (’17).

GMHS students compete in Envirothon Competition

Fri, 2018-06-01 12:48

General McLane High School students recently competed in the 2018 Envirothon State Competition held at Susquehanna University and Camp Mount Luther on May 22 and 23, 2018. General McLane placed 22 out of 65 teams.

The Pennsylvania Envirothon educates high school students in natural resource and environmental sciences. The program emphasizes the importance of environmental sensitivity while stressing a need to achieve a social, ecologic and economic balance in life.

Congratulations to our students!

McKean PTO hosts annual Fun Run

Thu, 2018-05-31 15:21

The fourth Annual GM Community Fun Run returned to General McLane High School grounds this past weekend.

Hosted by McKean Elementary Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), this is a fundraising event that brought in 188 runners. The event started in 2015 and was initially run by both McKean Elementary PTA and Edinboro Elementary PTO.

Obstacle stations are placed throughout the 5k and 1milerun/walk (two different options). There was also a dunk tank and additional entertainment available.



GMHS hosts second annual Military Commitment Recognition

Thu, 2018-05-31 11:06

General McLane High School hosted its second annual Military Commitment Recognition to honor the seniors of the Class of 2018 who have committed to serve our country.

Students included: Maxwell Patterson (Air Force), Trisha Jimenez (Army), Mark Fisher (Marines), Tristan Beach (Navy), John Kaulis (Navy), Isaiah Lloyd (Navy) and Brendan Manchester (Navy).

“We are honored to host this ceremony to recognize our 2018 Lancers who are entering the military. This is really a small token of appreciation to support the men and women who have pledged their commitment to our country,” said General McLane High School Associate Principal Pamela Mackowski. “We commend them for their brave service.”

The event took place at 10 a.m. in the General McLane High School Auditorium on Wednesday, May 30.

General McLane was the first in the region to introduce an event honoring it students who pursue careers in the military.

Congratulations to our students — and thank you!

JWPMS honor retiring teachers

Thu, 2018-05-31 09:49

Yesterday, James W. Parker Middle School students and staff threw a special “Retirement Walk” for this year’s retirees: Ms. Bakich, Mr. Santos and Mrs. Wilkinson. Vocal students kicked it off with a special performance in the library, and then students led the teachers through the halls where they paraded them with student-made signs and cheers.

Congratulations to Ms. Bakich, Mr. Santos and Mrs. Wilkinson!