Campus media explored New York's Central Park over spring break during a journalism conference.
Tracy Geibel/
Torie Craven and Dr. Ron Raymond are at work in WFSE's studio control room in Compton Hall.
Leslie Shaeffer (left) and Tracy Geibel work in ETV's studio lab in Compton Hall.

About Us has a new look and has joined with Edinboro University of Pennsylvania campus media ETV, The Spectator and WFSE to present current photographic, textual, video and audio content on the university and area. We also provide feeds of information from the university and General McLane. If you would like to join us, contact us at because we are looking for new partners and content contributors to better serve the Edinboro community.

Our partners

Edinboro radio station WJKB was initially presented through a closed circuit using telephone lines in 1964. It was housed in Centennial Hall. In 1970, the station switched to airing over cable TV locally, then in 1978 the station obtained an FCC license to broadcast over the air. At one point, the call letters WHRE -- standing for Highland Radio Edinboro -- were considered; however, it became WFSE instead.

The Spectator started in 1935, but it was not the first Edinboro student newspaper -- the Normal News was printed in 1865. Through the years famous people have been covered. In 1940, The Spectator devoted a third of the front page to a story on visiting poet Robert Frost. Yet another visiting notable, President William Howard Taft, was given the entire front page in The Birch Rod when he visited in 1912.  

The Edinboro News Network was founded in 1991 under the leadership of Dr. Bob Wallace, for whom the current television studio in Compton Hall is named. The organization's name was later changed to ETV to reflect the addition of programming other than news. ETV today produces a variety of programming, ranging from live sports coverage to the recording of commencement and other university events.