Students offer up opinion on new Edinboro University website

By William Stevens
The Spectator

In a small town in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 585 acres of brick buildings and grassy hills make up the campus of Edinboro University. The rural feel of the campus is a large reason why many people choose Edinboro over the more urban background of larger campuses. But how does a small school like Edinboro stand out in the digital world?

On Feb. 9, Edinboro University launched an updated version of their website. All the content that was available on the previous layout was still available, however there are several things that have been improved upon, according to students. “It’s easier to navigate,” print journalism major Cassandra Carlson said. "I don’t even have to look at the page. I know exactly where I need to go. Click, click. Boom.”

The additions made to the site have gotten people’s attention. The interactive components added to the top of the page seem to have made an impression on some students. “The sliding banner was the first thing that caught my attention,” journalism and communications major Kyle Meyers said. “I think the more developed website will keep viewers interested and intrigued while they surf the site.”

Navigation of the site is simplified. A home button has also been added and emphasized. If for whatever reason a student gets “lost” in the site, they can return to the home page with the click of a button. Tools such as this have allowed a simple way to jump from where you are to where you were. However, it soon became clear that a change in design may not have been enough for some students.

“It was a pain,” early childhood education major Caira Stauffer said. “Now it just seems like it’s an advertisement for the school instead of being helpful for the students.”

“The design is definitely more appealing,” said Meyers. “But the function of the design layout seems flawed. Some of the links, which were easy to find, are now nearly hidden in the pull down menus.”

Another problem people seemed to have was accessing “My Edinboro” from the updated site. “I didn’t know how to access D2L until a classmate told me,” Prost said. “And then I had to show one of my professors.”

Despite this the website did seem to take into consideration the possibility of prospective students viewing the website.

“I believe any non-student viewers will find it very professional and attractive,” Meyers said. “As a student on the other hand, I find the design harder to use and harder to access student applications.

The buttons across the top of the page allow access to a virtual tour of campus, contact information and ways to follow Edinboro on social media. In the top left hand corner of the site there is a link to information on the Porreco Center. On this page is a photo of a section of the campus and information about the campus and their mission statement.

William Stevens is a contributing writer for The Spectator.