PREVIEW: Cruise comes back for possibly his last mission

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Tom Cruise was actually flying, strapped onto the above plane at 5,000 feet during the filming of ‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.’ This was his most dangerous stunt yet.
Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

By Raffaele Fusulan
A&E Editor/Spectator

Are you ready for one more impossible mission? This fifth installment will take a whole new turn in the franchise.

Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, is part of the IMF (Impossible Mission Force), a secret anti-terrorist organization, whose sole purpose is to bring and keep stability in the world.

After so many years, the American government decided to dissolve the IMF due to all the chaos that it has brought.

Chaos that was indeed necessary in order to avoid worse results.

That is how the trailer for “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” starts.

Hunt is being removed from the team and is locked up. Little does he know though a mysterious agent named Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) liberates him.

Ethan decides to reassemble his team in order to fight a threat that might bring down what is left of the IMF.

This threat which goes by the name of Rogue Nation is a highly trained Special Forces group trained specifically to destroy the IMF.

This Rogue Nation, known also as the Syndicate, can be considered the anti-IMF. Benji (Simon Pegg), William (Jeremy Renner) and Luther (Ving Rhames) are all back on the team and this time they all realize that the game just went to a whole new level.

To Hunt’s disbelief the Syndicate is real therefor it is their duty to stop them at any cost. From the trailer we can notice many connections and familiarities with the previous movies. High tech gadgets and high risk stunts are all part of the recipe once more.

The atmosphere feels darker though, at least in the trailer. The idea is to make the audience realize that this might be the most “Impossible” mission to pull yet. Comedy though is still part of the movie. Every “Mission: Impossible” movie is surrounded with some comedy in order to alleviate the tension and entertain the audience.

As the trailer ends, the music in the background changes to probably one of the most famous songs of all time.

The theme song to “Mission: Impossible” kicks in while we see Ethan running on top of a plane trying to break into it through the main hatch. Benji is hacking the controls of the plane trying to open the door for Hunt but to their disbelief the airplane actually takes off with Ethan holding as tight as possible to the hatch trying not to fall.

This scene is actually a mix of intensity and comedy. As the plane takes off we can hear Ethan screaming in terror multiple times at Benji to open the door.

Even after the plane is hundreds of feet up in the air, Ethan screams once more “Benji open the door.” This scene though show the crazy stunts that Tom Cruise is willing to take. At 5,000 feet in the air the only thing holding on to Cruise and the airplane is a cable.

This is his most dangerous stunt yet.

For the previous installment of the series, Cruise free climbed 2000 foot canyons. With this much effort put into his stunts, Tom Cruise is definitely giving his best to leave his audience speechless.  

Raffaele Fusulan is the A&E editor for the Spectator. He can be reached by