PREVIEW: ‘Tracers’ will be the best parkour movie you will see this year

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‘Tracers’ takes you into the world of parkour. What separates this movie from all the other ones based on parkour is that this one is filled from beginning to end with dozens and dozens of parkour moves. Lautner is doing his own stunts in the majority of
The Best Parkour Movie Is Coming

By Raffaele Fusulan
A&E Editor/Spectator

Cam, played by Taylor Lautner is your everyday bike messenger in New York City. Little do we know, though, he owes a vast amount of money to the Chinese mafia, which has decided to give him an ultimatum and fulfill his payment by next month.

Not receiving enough income from his current job, Cam doesn’t know what else to do. One day, during one of his routine deliveries, he runs into a girl who accidentally makes him wreck his bike trying to avoid a collision.

This mysterious girl will eventually lead Cam into the world of parkour.

When he first finds out about this discipline he is fascinated and decides to do his best at learning it.

Picking it up quickly he decides to meet up with Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos) and asks her to let him join her crew. After proving himself they accept him and take him to their headquarters.

The crew explains that they use their parkour skills to accomplish thefts and robberies that no one else could.

Due to his severe debt to the mafia Cam joins the crew hoping to make enough and clear his debt.

“Tracers” is a fast paced action movie that focuses a lot on impressing the audience with its stunning parkour tricks.

From the early stages of the movie until the very end the stunts are always present and never feel too redundant.

Taylor Lautner shows his parkour skills and does a great job at executing the techniques. Most of the stunts done by his character are actually himself doing them and we rarely see a stunt double take his spot for the scene.

This helps build a stronger connection to the film and the protagonist.

Being known for his big role in the “Twilight Saga” as Jacob Black, it feels refreshing to see him in a completely different type of movie. He was also the star in “Abduction” released in 2011.  

The supporting cast of “Tracers” consisted of Marie Avgeropoulos as Nikki, Adam Rayner as Miller and Rafi Gavron as Dylan.

Nikki plays the love interest of Cam and she is the first one of the crew to introduce him to parkour. She is distant at first, but as the movie goes on they are found to be attracted to each other. Unfortunately though it won’t be that simple.

Miller is the leader of the crew and he is the one who makes the call for every mission. He is the one in charge of paying each tracer and making sure that the plan runs smoothly.

Dylan is Nikki’s sister and shows a strong leadership towards his teammates.

What is notable about “Tracers” is that unlike “Premium Rush,” it doesn’t have a major antagonist. The Chinese Mafia could be considered to be the antagonist but the ending plot twist will reveal who the real antagonist is.

It was unexpected and it felt like a genuine surprise.

“Tracers” is often compared to “Premium Rush,” which was released in 2012 and started Joseph GordonLevitt as a NYC bike messenger. The plot is similar and the action scenes are filmed similarly but that’s where the similarities end. “Tracers” even makes fun of “Premium Rush” in one scene. Nikki tells Cam “A bike is a ball in chain” referring to the limits of a bicycle.

Stunts done on the bicycle do look spectacular but parkour has no limits and “Tracers” makes sure the audience understands that.

The word tracer is the English adaptation of the French word traceur. It is the word used to represent the practitioners of parkour.

For the lovers of parkour there are many recognizable moves present in the movie.

The wall spin, the running vault, wall climbing and even the double kong vault are all in there. Those are just some of the dozens of techniques used.

This is what makes the movie unique compared to the other parkour movies.

It tries to implement as many stunts without getting repetitive.

NYC is like the perfect urban jungle. There are hundreds of spots to train and the movie proves that more than once.

“Tracers” does a great job at showing what the world looks like from the point of view of a tracer.

Even though the movie has many positives it also has its cons.

The camera throughout most of the movie was shaky.

A shaky camera is not bad when shooting a found footage film or action sequences, but when the characters are having a normal conversation while sitting down at a table the camera shouldn’t be shaking as much as it did.

It doesn’t feel too annoying at first, but after the first half of the movie it starts to feel a little inconvenient.

Overall, “Tracers” was a fun movie to watch. Like most other low budget movies it had its good and bad moments.

I would rate it a solid 3/5 stars. The action was good, but the acting, the simplistic plot and shaky camera bring the overall rating down.

For parkour lovers though it was definitely a blessing.

It will probably be the best parkour movie you will see this year.  

Raffaele Fusulan is the A&E editor for the Spectator. He can be reached by