Mac Miller sells out McComb Fieldhouse

Photo: Meghan Findley
Rapper Mac Miller performed to a sold out crowd Friday night in McComb Field House.
Rapper performed in Edinbro

By Brianna Giusti & Karlee Dies
Staff Writer & News Editor/Spectator

In a small town where country music consumes most of the local taste, seeing a Thomas Rhett concert sell out is not much of a surprise. But to go from country to a rap artist the very next year and still have McComb Fieldhouse packed? Now that’s something.

Mac Miller performed at Edinboro University on Friday, with students filling the local gymnasium. The tickets for the event moved at a rapid pace.

Sophomore Angela Scutella wasted no time getting her tickets for the show. 

“As soon as I saw [the performer] was Mac, I bought my tickets,” Scutella said. Being a fan of Mac for years, Scutella was nothing but excited to see the show. “I knew he was going to be great. I’ve seen him live before and I know he puts on an amazing show.”

Ally Clerici made sure to line up at just the right time to be able to get a spot near the front. 

“I got my tickets as soon as I could,” Clerici said. “I was super excited for him to come to Edinboro. He’s one of my favorites.”

Clerici went with good friends and ended up having a blast. “I couldn’t have asked for a better time. The show was amazing. I’m glad I got to spend it with my friends. I would love to do it again!” 

She concluded with, “When I looked around, every single person was having a good time.”

“I thought he was really good live. There was a lot of pushing and shoving all around me, but overall everyone seemed to be having a good time,” said student Taylor Laughlin.

Transfer student Kelli Kunz said her first year at Edinboro was made because of this concert. 

“I’m glad I decided to come here in the first place and super excited that I spent the night with all of my friends,” Kunz said. Kunz brought her boyfriend and best friends with her. “My experience was made because of the people I was with.”  As for her thoughts on the performance, she said she “didn’t expect such an awesome performance. I thought it was great.”

When it came time for campus media to address the man that tore the roof off of McComb Fieldhouse, he was more than willing to answer our questions.

Miller signed into the industry with Rostrum Records in Pittsburgh in 2010 and released an album, “Blue Slide Park,” just one year later.

He believes his big break to be, “When I got paid to do a show, I was like oh wow. Then my album came out and it became really real. The big break moment would have been when we were at a show in Toledo and Q (bodyguard) had to tell a fan to back off of me.”

The next step for Miller involves a $10 million record deal with Warner Brothers Records. “My dream has come true. The man makes the money. The money doesn’t make the man,” Miller said. 

As for the new album, “I’m just about finished up with the next album. I’ve been working on it for two years now I think. Something like that,” Miller added. 

Edinboro’s show was a pretty small show for the now star, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love small shows any less. 

“It’s all depending on the show. It’s about the energy. In a smaller show, I like to see everyone’s faces and them having a good time. I like smaller shows personally,” Miller said.

Miller’s takeover of McComb has ended and he continues his tour. Be sure to check out his site and social media for more information on his career.

Brianna Giusti is a staff writer, and Karlee Dies is the news editor for the Spectator. They can be reached by