Operaperta Duo perform at Erie’s Blasco Library Don’t

Photo: Anna Ashcraft
The Operaperta Duo performed at Blasco Library in Erie. Operaperto Duo is a Spanish and Italian Opera duo with Elisa Ramon as the Soprano Opera singer and Alessio Olivieri as guitar.

By Anna Assraft
Staff Writer/Spectator

Operaperta Duo performed this past week at Blasco Library in Erie as part of the Edinboro University Chamber Players and the Blasco Memorial Library Concert Series.

Operaperta Duo is a Spanish and Italian Opera duo with Elisa Ramon as the soprano opera singer and Alessio Olivieri as guitar.

The Duo’s CD is called “Operaperta Duo: Spanish Popular songs, Venetian Boat Songs, Neapolitan Songs.”

Dr. Daniel Burdick commented, “Dr. Jones, the new chair of music and theatre was originally supposed to perform, but Blasco didn’t have a piano or the equipment he needed to perform, so Alessio and Elisa accepted the opening,” The duo performed Spanish and Italian songs including “Porgi Amor” from “Le Nozze di Figaro” by W.A. Mozart and “Sei Ariette Op. 95” by Mauro Giuliani. 

They also performed “Ancient Venetian Boat Song” and “Sento Che’l cuor me manca” from their album, which means, “I feel that my heart is dying” said Ramon during the concert. “In Venice, the men used to sing to the women from their boats and the women would listen from the windows,” Ramon said. “Fenesta ca lucive” by Vincenzo Bellini is the story of a sad lover. “This song is a sad story of the shining window of his lover,” Ramon said.

“Then one day, he comes to find his window shines no more because his love has died.”  Olivieri also played a guitar solo by W.A. Mozart. “W.A. Mozart was the greatest guitar composer in the nineteenth century,” Olivieri said during the concert. 

They gave an encore performance of “I Would Like To Kiss You,” a Neapolitan-dialect song. 

Ramon and Olivieri stated after the concert, “Most of the music we performed was from our CD, but not all. The Neapolitan and Venetian songs are from our CD.” Olivieri is a new faculty member to Edinboro University.

“I have been here since September, it is a beautiful place and a wonderful environment. I teach guitar and guitar ensemble. We currently live in Edinboro,” said Olivieri. “We moved here from New York City because of this job.” Edinboro University Chamber Players and Blasco Memorial Library team up to host free concerts at Blasco Memorial Library every year.

Sue Miceli, branch manager of Millcreek and Iroquois Libraries, Carol Gettinger and Dr. Daniel Burdick helped organize this event. 

“LeAnne Wistrom and I have been a part of the organization of this event for 18 years. We are able to do these concerts because of our grants from the library and its partners,” Burdick said. The Operaperta Duo will perform again at the end of March at the William P. Alexander Music Hall. A full calendar of upcoming concerts can be found at edinboro.edu.

Anna Assraft is a staff writer for the Spectator. She can be reached by ae.spectator@gmail.com