PREVIEW: ‘Self/less’ prompts audience to rethink the limits of immortality

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Damian (Kingsley) who’s consciousness is transferred into another body (Ryan Reynolds) is looking at a memory of his original body depicting an important theme of the movie. How much are you willing to give for immortality?
"Self/less", The death of wealthy

By Raffaele Fusulan
A&E Editor/Spectator

Damian (Ben Kingsley), introduced in the trailer as the man who built New York, is a billionaire whose death is approaching him.

In order to live longer, he is contacted by an organization that offers him immortality.

The catch is that once he decides to go with the program there is no turning back. The trailer then shows us the lab where the “transfusion” will happen.

Damian’s consciousness, along with all of his memories and knowledge, will be transferred into a different and more juvenile body (Ryan Reynolds) that is being kept alive and in a comatose state.

As he wakes up in his new body, which we aren’t given a name for, he realizes all the benefits that you get when you are young again.

He is seen driving expensive cars, yachts and ski jets.

On top of that, we see him enjoying parties, drinking and women.

As the trailer goes on though, it is revealed that some side effects of merging into someone else’s body lead to experiencing that host’s memories.

This prompts Damian to go visit his host house where he finds an astonished wife surprised to see him alive.

From there the trailer cuts in various actions and plot edits to tease the audience. What we can take from the trailer is that Damian is a very self-conscious person. He realizes that the body he is in had a life filled with a wife and kid.

It will be interesting to see what decisions and moments will lead to the climax of the movie. “Self/less” appears interesting and uses science fiction to test the boundaries of what immortality can actually be. 

Overall the trailer looks appealing and suggests that “Self/less” could be an inspiring movie that we can all learn from.

Throughout the trailer, we are asked if we would take a life, in order to live forever.

That is a tough question to answer due to the fact that we are all different and we are all driven by dissimilar desires. How the movie will handle this question is what is going to determine the essence of it.

Raffaele Fusulan is the A&E editor for the Spectator. He can be reached by