SGA grants funds, elects 2015-2016 parliamentarian

By Shaylee Dillen
Staff Writer/Spectator

Monday’s EUSGA meeting saw six organizations attend along with the official vote for the new parliamentarian nominee for the 2015-2016 executive board.

An RCI Food Safety representative came to the meeting to share with congress what his organization brought back from their recent trip to San Diego. They met with those involved with the USDA and other big name food producers.

The Exercise Science Club attended the meeting with hopes of being granted two requests. The first request was for funds allowing them to go to a conference in Pittsburgh. After some confusion concerning numbers and the specific details of the trip, congress ultimately decided against allotting the club with the funds requested. Immediately following, however, the club asked additionally for funds to attend the Boston Marathon April 18 to April 21. Congress did grant the Exercise Science Club with their requested amount of $1,517.16 and the members will be on their way to Boston on April 18.

Next up, the Psychology of Creative Research Group presented their wish to go to the 2015 American Psychological Association Conference in August in Toronto, Canada. This motion was passed and the group received $360 total.

Following suit, the Animal Research Psychology Lab came before congress to discuss the Association for Psychology Conference in which they would like to attend. Congress awarded the group with $2,775 to complete their trip from May 21-24.

Finally, the Clay Club was requesting to be given $392.76 to go to the Wooster Functional Ceramics Workshop in Wooster, Ohio from April 16-18. This motion was passed and the club received their requested funds.

Closing out the meeting, Lee Galt stood before congress to discuss the official voting for Bethany Scott as nominee for EUSGA Parliamentarian for the 20152016 academic year. After more discussion  Scott was voted in as parliamentarian.

Shaylee Dillen is a staff writer for the Spectator. She can be reached by