SGA picks congress members of the month

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Members of the month

By Shaylee Dillen
Staff Writer/Spectator

Monday’s EUSGA meeting was short and sweet, consisting of the return of the Drawing and Painting Club, determining the outcome of the secretary nomination for the upcoming school year, and announcing the Congressman of the Month awards.

The Drawing and Painting Club returned before the EUSGA to request for the second time funds to attend a trip to New York City. From April 17-19 the club wishes to visit various art museums displaying both modern and classic art by widely famous artists. They’ll take back the knowledge they’ve gained from exploring these museums and galleries to their fellow club members. In doing so, they will teach them about different techniques they observed in modern art and to ensure they are still keeping up with the contemporary style of art.

After the determination of the nominees for the EUSGA executive board for the 2015-2016 academic year last week, the decision for secretary was followed with some confusion. The motion was stated to have failed when in actuality it passed according to the final number of votes. After much discussion, congress ultimately decided to hold a revote, at which time the nominee for parliamentarian will also be announced and voted upon.

Closing out the meeting, two congress members were awarded the Congressman of the Month award. First was Sarah Jacko, who was chosen for her work ethic, talent, humbleness, and being a key component in committee work. Jacko posed for a picture holding her award and said about her achievement, “I’m really happy to receive this award. I worked really hard with Bradley Hill in the PR committee the past few weeks and also working as the director of operations for the Big Event SGA is hosting on April 12.” After her recognition, Lexie Grinnell was then announced as the second winner of the award. “It is an honor to receive this recognition, especially seeing as there are so many other congress members that do so much for our organization.”

Both members were humbled by the experience and continue to contribute to EUSGA.

Shaylee Dillen is a staff writer for the Spectator, she can be reached by