Psychology Club brings ‘Brain Awareness Day’ to the Millcreek Mall

By Karlee Dies
News Editor/Spectator

The annual “Brain Awareness Day” event was held on Saturday, March 21 at the Millcreek Mall by members of Edinboro University’s Psychology Club and Psychology Department.

The “Brain Awareness Day” program allowed children from elementary to high school to learn about how the brain works through a variety of games and activities.

Children were given the opportunity to make candy neurons while an Edinboro psychology student guided them step-bystep through the different parts of a brain cell. The children were also able to test their motor memory skills by solving a maze in a mirror.

People walking by could also check out some illusions such as listening to a haircut being done. Older students in middle and high school were challenged by optical and auditory illusions. Goody bags filled with information about mental and brain health and how to stay sharp as you get older were given out as well.

The goal of the event “is to educate people about progress in, and the importance of, research on the brain and nervous system. More and more, research on the brain leads to ways to understand mental illness, to develop better technology to assist those with disabilities, to help kids learn, and to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life,” said Professor Peter McLaughlin of Edinboro University’s Psychology Department in a press release.

The “Brain Awareness Day” event is part of an international outreach to bring a greater public awareness to brain and mental health issues and the importance of research in these areas.

EUP’s Psychology Club has been an active partner in this since 2009.

“I started this mirroring the goals of Brain Awareness Week: to get kids thinking more about the brain, both how fascinating it is in general, and also how to keep it healthy, and what happens during mental health and brain and nervous system disorders. I also hope that maybe some of the kids we reach may think about careers in neuroscience. It’s really a great field,” said McLaughlin.

Helpers for this event included Dr. Mike Skelly, Erin Connel, Renae Corey, Elaina Gogin, Leeanna Golembiewski, Kaz Himes, Julia Jagielo-Miller, Caitlin Miller, Nikole Niemeyer, Emily Plyler, Todd Shafer, Sabrina Westbrook, Anna Workman and Molly Yetter.

Karlee Dies is the news editor for the Spectator. She can be reached by