SGA reconvenes after extended break

By Shaylee Dillen
Staff Writer/Spectator

Monday’s EUSGA meeting included presentations from the College Bowl Program, the School Spirit Committee, the Student Nursing Association of Edinboro, and the ROTC Club to congress. Also, the new president elect, William Lee Galt IV was officially announced.

As of the start of the meeting, the general funds account had $32,069.81 available for congress to allot.

The College Bowl Program requested to be EUSGA recognized, as they are a group who competes in educational extra-curricular competitions. Being recognized by EUSGA would reportedly help them with the extra funds that they aren’t able to raise and it would help them when they need to travel to regional and national competitions. The motion for them to be recognized passed with a unanimous vote.

Focusing on broadening school spirit campus wide, the School Spirit Committee also asked to be recognized by EUSGA so that way they can involve themselves and other students deeper in Scot spirit. They aim towards incoming freshman as well as long time students who maybe aren’t involved in things such as Greek life or other organizations. Their wish to be EUSGA recognized was granted with another unanimous vote.

SNOE, Student Nursing Association of Edinboro, wants to go on a trip April 7-12 in Arizona for a conference. During this conference, the three members attending will reportedly go to seminars and lectures and learn much about what they are going to need to know after they graduate and get a better idea of the different facets of nursing that are out there in the world.

They also will have the opportunity to represent Edinboro University, as they were specifically asked to come to the conference and their presence is anticipated. “Big name speakers” will be there for the students to meet and network with. After everything was considered, EUSGA passed the motion and granted SNOE $2,878.65.

Finally, ROTC is in need of new paintball guns. Their current set is from 2008 and is “slowly deteriorating” and becoming less useful. They need $3,180 to replace their old ones with 20 new ones. These paintball guns are used for training tactics and marksmanship practice. They are used on freshman move-in day for activities as well as borrowed occasionally by Greek life, but are always returned to ROTC and cleaned and cared for by them. This motion was also passed and the ROTC will be able to purchase and utilize their new paintball guns in due time.

After the requests, congressman and president elect, Galt, motioned to enter an executive session, which was not open to the public or media.

Shaylee Dillen is a staff writer for the Spectator. She can be reached by