Edinboro University Paranormal Society seeks SGA approval, 93 students attend first meeting

By Karlee Dies
News Editor/Spectator

Have you ever experienced things you cannot explain? Have you ever seen an unexplained shadow when no one was around? Have you ever seen an object move when no one was touching it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the up and coming Edinboro University Paranormal Society might be the club for you.

Upon approval from the Student Government Association (SGA) later this semester, this new club will appeal to students who are skeptics and want to learn more about the science of the paranormal.

“This is first and foremost a university organization that will reflect the university in the best way possible. We are all assumed skeptics and we will be discussing things like ghost stories, “Bigfoot,” demonology and have lectures as well as guest speakers,” said Dr. George Richards, the club advisor and an associate professor in the political science and criminal justice department.

Richards had experience in this area of interest. “Well, I have experienced things that can’t be explained. When I was on a tour of the Waverly Hill Sanitarium in Kentucky, I saw objects move by themselves,” he said regarding his continuing interest of the paranormal world.

The organization will be a way for students to explore and learn about different viewpoints of things related to the paranormal.  It is open to all kinds of people such as alumni; people from the community and of course, the students here.

“It is supposed to be a place to scientifically explore phenomena that cannot be explained easily and that people associate with the paranormal. We’re told to be skeptical about everything, disbelieving it until we cannot prove otherwise,” said Fawn Martz, the president of the Paranormal Society.

The club held its first organized meeting a few weeks ago and had 93 students in attendance. In the meeting, Richards explained what the club would be and what to expect. Richards calls this club his “baby” and was shocked by the amount of attendees.

“I feel very excited for this club. I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, but I did not want to be associated with the stigma attached. But this club focuses on the scientific viewpoint, which is extremely important for this sort of thing,” said Martz.

Both Richards and Martz have set goals for this club to succeed and prosper once they are approved.

“First, I want students to learn about it and be able to discuss it intelligently. Secondly, I want students to have fun. This is a club that will interest students that haven’t found a group here that they really like. Thirdly, I want this organization to be an alumni organization. I want alumni to come back to experience our club, as well as all of the other organizations on campus. Lastly, this will be an organization that provides a safe environment to express any questions they may have,” Richards said.

Martz said, “We definitely want to make it a safe environment for people to express their beliefs. We also want to bring people in from the wider community, creating something is cross generational and outside the realm of just the university. Plus, I think there’s nothing better than a good scary story to bring people together.”

Everything thus far, from the name of the club to planning the schedule, is chosen by the students. The group aims to provide for students looking for a club that hits on their interest of the paranormal.

The Edinboro University Paranormal Society has big plans for the future and they want to include you in it. The next meeting takes place Monday, March 23 at 8:15 p.m. in the Pogue Center Theatre.

Karlee Dies is the news editor for the Spectator. She can be reached by eupnews.spectator@gmail.com