SGA holds debate for presidential candidates

By McKenzie Jay
The Spectator

On Monday, Feb. 16, the Student Government Association (SGA) held a debate for the candidates running for SGA President. The two candidates running are junior, William Lee Galt IV and junior, Rachael Pollard. Pollard was recently inducted into the president spot for the remainder of the year due to past president, Steven Bressler, resigning from the position. Pollard was previously vice president.

According to Pollard, her favorite position thus far has been her recently claimed president position. Galt has held many different positions within SGA. According to Galt, his favorite position or committee is budget committee. During the debate, the candidates were asked a series of questions discussing their different positions in SGA, the experience they have had, what they plan on doing if elected, and other important issues.

Pollard joined SGA three years ago, her freshman year, and since then has held many different positions within SGA. When asked about what makes her qualified to hold the president position during the debate, she stated that she is willing to dedicate time, that she is very dedicated towards SGA, and that she is demanding when it comes to students’ issues.

William Galt also joined SGA three years ago, his freshman year, and has also held many different positions not only in SGA, but also with other organizations, such as Alpha Kappa Psi, Model United Nations, Edinboro’s Pipe Band, new student orientation, and University Diversity Council. When he was asked what makes him qualified for the position, he answered saying that he is very involved with other organizations and is good with time management.

A very important question that was asked during the debate was how do the candidates plan on getting to know the students better and getting to know what they want. Galt responded to this question saying that he would love to do a full fledge PR campaign and he also said that he already knows a lot of students due to being so involved on campus, so he would like to just talk to the students face-to-face. Pollard echoed Galt’s statement by responding that she would also like to speak with the students face-to-face. She responded saying that speaking with the students face-to-face would be best to discuss ideas and issues that they have. She said a way she would like to do this is by having in-class presentations. For example, she would come into a classroom and discuss things going on in SGA and ask if anyone has ideas or concerns.

Another important question that was asked was what their priorities would be if they were elected for next year. Galt answered this question by saying that he would focus on having more diversity within SGA. For example, there are not a lot nursing majors or not many Greek Life members within SGA. Pollard’s answer to this question was to focus more on communication between SGA and the students. She loves having the new system of BoroSync because it is a helpful way to communicate with the students.

William Lee Galt IV’s Facebook page is: William Lee Galt IV for Student Government President. Rachael Pollard’s Facebook page is: Rachael Pollard for Student Government President. On Thursday, Feb. 19, SGA hosted a game show and on Monday, Feb. 23, SGA hosted an open session with the candidates where students can ask any of their questions or concerns to the candidates. Voting ended Feb. 26. 

McKenzie Jay is a contributing writer for The Spectator. She also contributes to Edinboro Television.