Tougher is better in week one

By Tyler Trumbauer
Sports Editor

JEFFERSON CITY, TN. Many individuals find them- selves taking the easier route instead of embracing challenges. 

In college football plenty of schools share that mentality as they schedule smaller, lesser programs in the first week of the season in hopes of achieving an easy win. 

On the other hand, some schools don’t schedule an extra game at all. Not Edinboro University. Our football team dares to take on challenges. 

“If you don’t play a game one, then you are going into your first game with a team that is going in to a game two,” said starting quarter-back Cody Harris. 

Harris, who made those comments after suffering a 38-24 defeat at the hands of 16th ranked Carson-Newman University, said that playing an eleventh game, especially one against a better program is important. “If we don’t have a first game, we could still be making mental mistakes in the first game in the PSAC [Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference]. We made that mistake a few years ago of not having an eleventh game. 

“I love having an eleventh game. Especially against a program like Carson-Newman, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Last Thursday night in Jefferson City the Fighting Scots may have been playing the role as the “easy win” for Carson-Newman, but Edinboro came out strong and was trailing by only four points at halftime. 

Carson-Newman head coach Ken Sparks, who tied legendary Pop Warner for sixth most wins all-time in college football history with the Eagles’ victory, said on his way to his post-game show, “The first half was a battle.” 

The Fighting Scots worked through their mental mistakes, which started early as Boro was called for a delay of game penalty on their first snap of the season. The Scots worked through them and hope to have gained knowledge and experience as they embark on their PSAC schedule, where all the games now count towards the postseason. 

Head coach Scott Browning feels much of the same on the subject as the ninth-year head coach spoke highly of the Eagles and the idea of an eleventh game to The Spectator back at PSAC West Media day on Aug. 11. 

“I think it is going to be a tremendous trip for us playing that caliber of a football program and also just the road trip alone will prepare us for the rest of the travel for the rest of the season,” he said. 

We’ll have to wait and see if it all pays off for the Fighting Scots at the end of the year.

Tyler Trumbauer is the sports editor for The Spectator. He can be reached