Women's Soccer: Change for Costello helped cure Scots’ woes

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Senior Becca Costello has sacrificed individual success for the greater good of the team multiple times in her career.
Player to do whatever to secure win

By Tyler Trymbauer
Sports Editor/Spectator

Everyone loves to get attention. Especially athletes. They love being the one to make the game winning score or the game saving tackle.

Becca Costello of the women’s soccer team, loves winning, and she’ll do whatever is necessary to secure the victory.

The 5-3 senior began the season looking to be one of the biggest scoring threats for the Fighting Scots. However, starting the season worse than any other team in program history, forced head coach Gary Kagiavas to move her to the midfield.

“My first reaction was ‘great,’” Costello said after a 2-1 double-overtime loss to Roberts Wesleyan College last week. “Ever since I have been little, my mindset has been about the team. I want the team to win and if that is what I need to do for them to win, then I’ll do it.”

The Erie native isn’t new to sacrificing for the greater good as she moved positions her sophomore season in an effort to achieve more success for the team.

Despite her initial disappointment, Costello is feeling fine playing more defense.

“I’m fine with it,” she said. “I’m comfortable with it. I can play the position. I just would rather be up top,” said Costello.

Kagiavas knows not every player on the field is like Costello.

“It’s hard to be a superstar and then take a back seat to other people,” he said last week. “She is one of the best players in the conference. We started slipping her in to get more comfortable in the back with other people and we have figured a way to get her back up top as well. Not too many kids would do what she is doing.”

The Mercyhurst Prep graduate ranks twelfth in school history; in total scoring with 41 points. This season, despite the switch to defense, Costello is fourth on the team in goals scored (2), and tied for second on the team for assists with two. Her defensive presence is being felt as well. During the 0-4-1 start to the season, before the position change, opponents averaged 1.75 goals per game. After Costello’s move, teams are now averaging only .75 goals per game against the Scots.

Costello hopes that more good than just immediate success stems from accepting the position change.

“I hope they [the underclassmen] take from this that if the team needs you to do something, do it. Work hard every day too. It is fun to battle with these girls because there are so many girls that can play, so girls think, ‘well maybe I can play hard at another position too.’ So I think it encourages people to play hard at every position all the time.”

Tyler Trumbauer is the sports editor for The Spectator. He can be reached by sports.spectator@gmail.com