Preview: ‘Interstellar’ takes a serious look at Earth’s scarce resources

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Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is in charge of the space shuttle that will have to travel space to look for new life.

By Raffaele Fusulan
A&E Editor/Spectator

“Interstellar” drags the audience back to the space odyssey.

The trailer takes a very dramatic approach. From what can be seen, humans are depleting Earth’s resources.

A wormhole is discovered and humans seize the opportunity to explore the boundaries of space.

Matthew McConaughey is a dad that has to fight between leaving his kids behind and exploring new worlds.

As the trailer progresses, it is shown that he joins the crew and therefore he is forced to leave his loved ones behind.

Throughout the trailer, Earth is portrayed like a miserable place to be in and it makes the viewer reflect on what humanity could one day become.

Resources are very scarce and Mother Nature is not helping anymore.

What the trailer doesn’t explain though is if the ‘Interstellar’ crew is searching for new habitable worlds to transfer humanity or if they are searching for a solution to heal Earth’s resources.

The trailer shows glimpses of some worlds that will be explored.

There is one example that shows their space shuttle hitting what it appears to be a solid cloud. The idea is pretty cool which leads you to think of how many unknown worlds there are out there.

The space shuttle itself looks really cool and well designed. It has a very aerodynamic feel and it looks powerful enough to travel into deep space.

Another scene from the trailer shows a world in which there is an ‘alien’ life form represented by metallic rectangular shapes, which does look weird at first but cool and threatening at the same time.

From the second half of the trailer the action intensifies and we see how some characters are struggling to stay alive in different scenarios.

Like most space odysseys, families play an important role and “Interstellar” made sure to cover this section thoroughly.

From the look of it, the movie will probably take a good amount of time to cover the story of not just the protagonists, but also the more secondary characters.

Christopher Nolan is the director for “Interstellar.” He is famous for directing movies such as “Inception” and “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

Nolan is known to blend action and suspense very well and as you watch the trailer you can’t help but notice that suspense is definitely going to play a major role, maybe even more than action.

Very little of the co-star Anne Hathaway is shown. All is known about her is that she is part of the crew and that she eventually is in some kind of danger. Not much else is shown.

A voice in the background helps create the tension and suspense going through the movie, so hopefully, the final release is as suspenseful as the trailer is.

Raffaele Fusulan is the arts editor for The Spectator. He can be reached at