Top 5 movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix for winter break

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Netflix has been around since 1997 and streams in 16 countries around the world. In July, 2014 Netflix passed 50 million subscribers worldwide
Top FIVE on movie and TV countdown

By Raffaele Fusulan
A&E Editor/Spectator

Top 5 Movies

5. Dream House

Recently released on Netflix, “Dream House” is a horror movie that tells the story of a family that moves to a new home in New England only to find out that the house was subject to multiple violent murders.

4. Let’s Be Cops (Available on Dec. 8)

Two best friends put on the uniform of police officers and discover a whole new world of adventures and excitement. This comedy will do a great job at entertaining from the beginning until the end.

3. World War Z - New Unrated Cut

For all the zombie lovers “World War Z” is a fast paced action/horror movie that focuses on U.N. employee Gerry Lane attempting to find a cure for the zombie outbreak. Fans of the book

will be disappointed though because the movie and book are not connected. If you have seen the movie already in theaters, the unrated cut should prompt you to watch it again and spot the additional content.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Available on Dec. 15)

Kawabonga all the way! Even though the movie is shot mostly in CGI, the movie keeps the audience entertained and it brings back some of the best childhood heroes of all time.

1. Snowpiercer

The movie stars Chris Evans in a dystopian future where Earth is completely uninhabitable  due to its extreme cold climate. The whole movie is based on this train that drives around the world. The crew inside though is mistreated and abused so it will be up to Evans to stage a revolution.


Top 5 TV Shows

5. Helix

The television show focuses around a center for disease control and prevention (CDC) team that goes to an Arctic research facility in order to stop a deadly virus from killing all humanity. The show was released in 2014, so it has only one season so far, but it is very well delivered and worth watching.

4. American Horror Story

The fourth season is currently airing on television. If you are nostalgic of season 1 and 2 then Netflix has them ready for you to be streamed. The show focuses on supernatural fears or events and different ways horror can be manifested.

3. Lie to Me

“Lie to Me” is a crime solving show that focuses

on nonverbal communication. Dr. Cal Lightman has studied body language for years and is a key asset for the police in order to “read” criminals and understand when they are lying.

2. Breaking Bad

It comes as no surprise that this title made it on the list. The show is known for its remarkable protagonist and storyline, plus it won many awards including best “Outstanding Drama Series.”


Two best friends become private detectives. Shawn Spencer has the unique ability to spot small details and solve crimes a lot faster than anyone else. This gift of his though will lead them into many funny but dangerous cases. Netflix offers all 7 seasons. The show is mixed with comedic moments and criminal solving.      

Raffaele Fusulan is the A&E editor for the Spectator. He can be reached by