REVIEW: ‘John Wick’ takes second spot at box office

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‘John Wick’ made $14 million on the first weekend. Keanu Reeves portrays a retired hit men who is on his personal war in order to satisfy his need for retaliation.
'John Wick" move on to new voyage

By Raffaele Fusulan
A&E Editor/Spectator

“John Wick” opens up with dramatics. His wife has just passed away and that has shredded Wick’s life. She left him one last gift, though. In the letter she left she explains that Wick needs something to love more than his car and that’s why she left him a puppy.

Being one of the last connections between him and his wife, John makes sure he takes good care of the dog. As the movie progresses he becomes more and more affectionate with the dog because he sees his wife in it. Building the connection between Daisy, the dog, and John Wick was one of the most important parts of the movie, in order to justify his actions later on.

One night he wakes up and finds his house being vandalized by some Russian mobsters that he made fun of earlier in the movie. During the encounter he was knocked unconscious and then woke up next to a dead Daisy. His favorite car was also stolen. Driven by the sole thought of vengeance, Wick prepares to embark on his own personal war.

The first action scenes and sequences in the movie felt amazing, intense and breathtaking. The way Wick was able to neutralize his threats felt like it was from the more recent Splinter Cell video games. Therefore the kills were brutal and precise. Even though the movie is surrounded by some macabre deaths it still keeps comedy as part of the final formula.

It was a pleasure to listen to the soundtrack during the action scenes and it was also satisfying to notice the smooth transition from the less chaotic scenes to the ones more chaotic.

John Wick, being a retired criminal, had a lot of important connections, so it was interesting to see how the criminal underworld would have been depicted in the movie.

Hit men didn’t live hidden in some bunker, but they would all be living under the same roof in this safe haven for criminals. John Wick simply felt like a very cool character overall.

David Leich, the director of the movie, made the gun fighting scenes feel very realistic. This is due to the fact that the guns wouldn’t have unlimited ammo. Theretofore, we actually see Wick reloading often and checking for magazines.

Another interesting point about the movie is to portray John Wick as a vulnerable person, therefore he is not invincible. Even though he is basically a human “Terminator” there are some parts where he does get shot and also receives a beating.

The personality of John Wick is very simple. He is a man of little words and lets the actions speak for themselves. The movie gets slightly more violent as it progresses but with the gore the choreography of the stunts improved as well.

Keanu Reeves has been rising back through the movie industry with movies such as “Man of Tai Chi” and the more recently released “47 Ronin.” Either though didn’t do amazingly in the box office. “John Wick” on the other hand made $14 million on the first weekend and can be described in many ways, but one word that really fits is breathtaking. The action scenes are very well choreographed and directed. Throughout the whole movie his acting was spot on and thanks to his knowledge of martial arts, the fighting scenes look even more realistic and authentic.

They are fast paced, elegant and deadly.  Hopefully with the release of “John Wick” we will see some more amazing films by Reeves.

Raffaele Fusulan is the A&E editor for The Spectator. He can be reached by