[PREVIEW] The Angel of Death

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The sequel will be telling the story of a group of school kids and their teacher. The group will have to fight together in order to survive the deadly ‘Woman in Black.’
The Woman in Black is back

By Raffaele Fusulan
A&E Editor/Spectator

  • Director: Tom Harper
  • Cast: Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine and Adrian Rawlins
  • Release Date: January 30, 2014
  • Genre: Horror

The Woman in Black is back.

This time the events occur during World War II when England was under constant bomb threat by the Germans.

Forced to evacuate London, a group of school kids led by their teacher Eve (Phoebe Fox) run for the countryside hoping to be safe from the endless bombings.

The group doesn’t realize though that the house they have entered is where “The Woman in Black” is staying.

After their arrival, strange things start occurring with the kids and Eve, with the help of military commander Harry (Jeremy Irvine) will have to make sure they will be able to escape the death grip of the woman in black.

The trailer shows a young boy starring at a ceiling and notices a strange hand retreating into a crack.

Being curious, he starts going up the stairs to satisfy his curiosity.

The music recorder in the background starts breaking up and the closer the boy gets to his destination, the more sinister the music in the background gets.

The little boy finally reaches the mysterious room.

At first it seems normal, but once he opens the secondary door in the room, the audience can immediately tell that something spooky will happen.

The movie is set to come out at the end of January.  

Raffaele Fusulan is the A&E editor for The Spectator. He can be reached by ae.spectator@gmail.com