Dracula like you’ve never seen him before

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Dracula Untold puts Vlad the Imapler (Luke Evans) as the protagonist. The movie takes a more dramatic approach that narrates the story from a more personal POV.
Dracula- A legend is continuing

By Kat Stafford
Staff Writer/Spectator

What drives a man to seek out the evil which lives in the darkness? What makes him think he can control the evil inside himself once it takes hold?

Vlad believed he could save his family and his kingdom from the Turks without getting them killed by his own darkness.

Dracula Untold is about one man doing everything he can to save his people from the Turks who invade his homeland, Transylvania.

For ten years, Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans) and his people had known peace.  There had been no wars, no call to arms, and no need to send the sons of Transylvania away to be trained as soldiers.

Then, the Sultan of Turkey, Mehmed (Dominic Cooper), wanted the boys to be trained in his army, once again. 

They would learn how to be perfect soldiers, fighting without fear and without morality.

Mehmed demanded that Vlad sent 1,000 boys to fight in his army, starting at the age of ten. 

He also wanted Vlad to send his son, Ingeras, so Mehmed could raise him to be as vicious a soldier as his father once was in battle.

When Vlad refused to send the boys, he knew the Sultan would bring his army and kill everyone in his kingdom.

With no army of his own, Vlad knew he could not protect his people.

In desperate times, some are willing to give everything to protect those they love.

It was a desperate man who climbed the top of a mountain in search of an evil force he believed that might be able to save his family.

“What kind of man crawls into his own grave in search of hope?” asked the monster who lived on the mountain.

Vlad was searching for hope when he went into the cave of the evil monster, because he knew the Turks would not fear his meager fighting force.

“Sometime the world no longer needs a hero. Sometimes what it needs is a monster.”

When Vlad accepts the gift the monster of the mountain gives him, he’s not only fighting against the Turks, but also against his dark nature.

He believed that in order to keep everyone safe, he needed powers that no man had. 

He did not care what the cost was because he believed so strongly he possessed the will to resist the temptation to drink blood. 

But, it was not by will alone that he managed to fight back the urge; it was his wife and son that kept him human.

His son, whom he loved more than himself, and his wife, whom he would die for, was a constant reminder of what he was fighting for.

His family’s safety was the reason he was willing to become a monster and not worry about the consequences that came with embracing such dark powers.

According to Variety.com, Dracula Untold made $8.9 million on opening night, Oct 10.

Kat Stafford is the staff writer for The Spectator. She can be reached by ae.spectator@gmail.com