Liam Neeson is hardcore once more

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After Matt Scuder (Liam Neeson) retired from the police force due to an accident, he started working as a private investigator. “A Walk Among the Tombstone” was released on September 26 and made $13million on the opening weekend.
Review: 'Walk Among The Tombstones'

By Katerina Stafford
Staff Writer/Spectator

The first five minutes of “A Walk Among the Tombstones” sets the pace for the entire movie.

The film starts out in 1991 with Detective Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson) walking into a bar. As he sits there drinking shots and reading the newspaper, three men walk in and shoot the bartender.

He gives chase, and one of the men fire at Matt. Two of the bullets go through the bottom of his black trench coat, but Matt doesn’t even flinch. He just continues to pursue the shooters, which gives the audience an idea of the main character’s mind set.  He’s either very brave, or he does not care if he lives or dies.

He kills two of the men and shoots the other man in the leg.

The timeline jumps to 1999.  Matt is no longer a detective, but is an unlicensed private investigator who goes to AA meetings. 

And that is the flow of the movie.  There are scenes where the movie slows down, but these scenes help progress the film and keep the viewer engaged.

The action scenes more than make up for the slow scenes where Matt is searching for clues as to why random women are being killed.

At first, the viewer could assume the film is about one man trying to solve a crime.  The longer the viewer watches the movie, the more the viewer could come to realize ‘Maybe it’s really a story of redemption.’

The audience could easily miss the redemption angle because the main character does not realize he is on a search for redemption until the movie is almost over.

But the signs are all there.

Matt refuses to take on the case presented to him because of who Peter, his potential client, is.  He changes his mind though when he realizes Peter actually cares about his wife who had been killed.

Several times through the movie Matt tries to drop the case.  And every time he comes back to it.  He claims his reason for picking up where he left off is because of the missing women, but perhaps there is a deeper reason.

While trying to find the people who are responsible for kidnapping and killing women, Matt also tries to take care of a young homeless boy, named TJ.

The few scenes these two characters are in together are quite humorous.  The first time they meet, Matt asks TJ to look up something on a computer for him because he doesn’t like to use them.

When TJ learns that Matt is a private investigator, he tries to tail Matt, but it doesn’t work.  Matt notices TJ following him immediately.

Throughout the film, Matt does not wear the trench coat that had the two bullet holes in it. He doesn’t put it back on until he is ready to face the men who have been killing random women.

When this happens, when he puts back on his jacket, the audience knows Matt is going to see this case through to the end.

“A Walk Among the Tombstones” is based off of Lawrence Block’s book which was published in 1992.

The film came out on September 19.

According to the movie made $13 million on the weekend it opened.

Katerina Stafford is staff writer for The Spectator. She can be reached by