The Griswolds release new album

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The Griswolds are a four member indie rock band that originated in Sydney, Australia. Their first debut dates back to 2012 with the release of “Heart of Lion”. Their latest album “Be Impressive” which contains 11 tracks, was released on August 26, 2014.
Griswold's had released new album

By Dakota Palmer
Contributing writer/Spectator

The Griswold’s, a four-man alternative/ indie rock band from Australia, just released their debut album “Be Impressive” on August 26. The quartet consists of vocalist Christopher Whitehall, guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez, bassist Tim John, and drummer Lachlan West.

The band formed in February 2012 and released their first single “Heart of a Lion” shortly after.

The song placed number 12 on the We Are Hunted Emerging Artists Chart in 2012. It was also featured as an iTunes single of the week.

The band signed with Wind-up Records in May 2013.

They have played at multiple music festivals including London Calling 2013, The Great Escape 2013, Firefly Festival 2014, and South by Southwest (SXSW) 2014. 

Their album “Be Impressive” certainly contains a variety of emotions. The album was written with angst, sadness, reminiscence, and joy. For the most part, however, their upbeat songs and lyrics can brighten anyone’s day.

On the band’s website, they say, “Be Impressive” is about growing up, finding your own path and dealing with the challenges that presents.

It covers a wide emotional spectrum; able to soundtrack a crazy road trip with your best friends or your next breakup.” 

“The song “Be Impressive” begins with a chorus of children cheering those very words, which adds a fun sound to the song.

The Griswold’s heavily sound like other alternative/indie bands such as Passion Pit and Vampire Weekend. In the song “Live This Nightmare,” one can hear an influence from 2AM Club, as well.

This song has a slower pace, and has lyrics that are a bit more depressing than the rest of the album: “I won’t lie to keep you here/I could never be that cold, my dear/ Cause I can’t live this nightmare/And I won’t live this nightmare.”

This darker song is clearly about the troubles in a relationship and how the singer does not want to continue to be with their partner.

Their most popular song on Spotify, with over 3 million listens, is “Beware the Dog.” This song starts off with a simple guitar riff that sounds very much like the beginning of a Vampire Weekend song. Then, it continues its upbeat vibe with lyrics such as, “She used to suck the life out of me/We used to joke and it felt like home/But now it’s all just hazy.”

This song, even with its upbeat tune, is describing a former relationship.

However, the singer is not bitter, and reveals that clearly through the lyrics of the song.

It is no doubt that The Griswold’s debut album is a great listen, and hopefully they will continue to produce more hip music like this in the future. The band is currently performing on their “Be Impressive” Album Tour in Australia.

Dakota Palmer is the contributing writer for The Spectator. He can be reached by