Student Trustee talks leadership, inspiration

Meghan Findley 
Lifestyles Editor/Spectator

While most college students fill their off time with things like binge watching Netflix and video games, Shaquan Walker has a very busy life, but in a very different way. As the student trustee, Walker not only has to handle his academic obligations, but is tasked with a variety of additional responsibilities.

The Council of Trustees is a group that governs the university and is the connecting factor between Edinboro University and the state of Pennsylvania.

“My role as a student trustee is very broad...I have taken research and seen what other student trustees have done and I kinda developed the role of being their for other students,” Walker said.

“I make sure the policy that the University is enforcing and coming up with is not hurting the student body.”

Walker’s involvement with the Highland Ambassadors is what opened his eyes to the Council of Trustees.

Former SGA President Andre Roberts and former Highland Ambassador President Kerry Schutte were the individuals that encouraged Walker to go for the position.

“I thought he would be a good trustee because he showed the qualities of a leader,” Roberts said. “All that he needed was a position that would challenge his leadership skills.”

Walker is going into his second term as student trustee with the mindset of giving the Council of Trustees a student perspective of Edinboro life.

“It has really helped me grow as a leader,” Walker said.

“It made me realize I was doing the right things.”

Walker started out his college involvement with the Student Government Association during his freshmen year. This was just a stepping stone for Walker as he has moved on to greater leadership positions.

Walker has been involved in many different organizations on campus, each leading to new opportunities.

“College involvement to me is a necessity, without being involved you are more likely to be disconnected from campus and meet less people,” Walker said.

After getting involved with the SGA, Walker served as a resident assistant for two years, which was his first real leadership position on campus.  

Former Graduate Hall Coordinator Marvin DeBose worked with Walker and expressed that he always strives to be a good role model and was always there for his residents.

“Even though he was busy being involved with numerous campus (organizations) at the time, he always made time to build relationships and have a strong presence,” DeBose said.

Resident assistants in Walkers building freshman year are those who had the most positive influence while starting his college education.

“They all kinda took me into their circle and showed me the ropes of a leader,” Walker said.

Repeatedly, Walker has proven how being involved can impact a student’s college career. Recently, Walker acquired the position of Community Representative of the Student Government Association.

Walker is also a founding member of the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and sits on the executive board.

“His experience in other organizations shines through when he conducts business within the organization,” said Alpha Kappa Psi President Amber Iams.

Being one of many siblings in a blended family, Walker tries to be the best role model he can be.

“I take pride in being one of the first people in my family to go to college and earn a degree,” Walker said, “I really wanted to show them you can come to college even if nobody has done it before.”

Walker is currently on track to getting his degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice with minors in Economics and Political Science.

With the intention of going to grad school, Walker has set high goals for the future.

“I’m hoping to attend Carnegie Mellon University or Georgetown University in Washington D.C.,” Walker said.

“I tried to set my sights on some pretty top schools to prove to myself that I can get into those schools.”

Meghan Findley​ is the lifestyles editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at