Girl Scout Program offers new cookie flavors

Photo: Tracy Geibel
With the new options from the Girl Scout Program, customers can choose to buy their favorite cookies, but can also try new cookies like the Rah-Rah Raisins and the Toffee-Tastic Girl Scout cookies.

By Tracy Geibel
Lifestyles Editor/Spectator

From the Thin Mints and Tagalongs to the Trefoils and Dosi-dos, everyone seems to have their favorite Girl Scout cookie. But during this cookie season, customers will have two more options to choose from. 

The Rah-Rah Raisin and the Toffee-tastic Girl Scout cookies follow current food trends, as the Rah-Rah Raisin cookies are an oatmeal cookie with raisins and Greek yogurt chunks and the Toffee-tastic cookies are a gluten-free option.

“More and more people are choosing a gluten free lifestyle,” public relations manager at the Edinboro Girl Scout program office, Lisa Shade said. “And while the Toffee-tastic is another delicious Girl Scout cookie, it is also happens to be gluten free, so it meets that market demand.”

Customers like to buy their favorites, but they also look forward to trying the new cookies. Freshman and former Girl Scout, Rebecca Bortnik enjoys the Do-si-dos, but also expressed interest in trying new cookies.

“The Toffee-tastic is definitely a good idea,” Bortnik said.  “I think it’s great since the Girl Scouts Program has been around for so long, it helps to update.  Especially with everyone going gluten free, the Toffee-tastics will really help give a variety to everyone.”

The initial order-taking phase is already going on, as it began on Jan. 9, but in order to purchase boxes during this time period, customers must know a Girl Scout.

The easiest place for college students to purchase Girl Scout cookies is at booth sales located outside of stores and malls, which will last from Feb. 27 to March 22.

“Booth sales are actually the easiest way to access all your Girl Scout cookie favorites,” Shade said.

Interested customers will be able to visit later this month and enter their zip code to find nearby booth sales.

“That’s the place to go to really map out where you’re going to get your next box of thin mints,” Shade said.

However, for those who do know a Girl Scout, “digital cookie” is now available online. While this online option doesn’t replace other sales, it simply offers customers another way to get a box of Girl Scout cookies.

With personalized sites, the Girl Scouts contact people they know through email, and then, customers have their cookies shipped directly to their home.

Yet, even with new ways to purchase cookies, booth sales are often the best way to interact with the Girl Scouts.

“What consumers can do when they are asked by a girl scout at a booth sale to buy cookies, is to ask her about her goals, (and) ask her about what she wants to do with the proceeds from her cookie program, because they’ll be able to tell you,” Shade said.  “And that really helps them build the confidence that is inherent in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.”

“Cookies mean confidence for Girl Scouts,” CEO of the Girl Scouts of Western Pa., Patricia A. Burkart, said in a press release. “Every time you buy a box, you show a Girl Scout that she can reach her goals.”

Furthermore, the money from cookie sales stays within the community. The girls in the program have opportunities to attend camp and participate in community service projects with the funds they raise.

College students are encouraged to get involved with the Edinboro Office as Girl Scout volunteers by being mentors, helping at workshops and camp or by leading a troop.

“We have had great relationships with local universities,” Shade said.  “Volunteers as troop leaders, girls love it and… get a lot out of it too.” 

If interested in volunteering with the Girl Scout Program, students and others can call 800-248-3355 or learn more at

Trace Geibel is the lifestyle editor for the Spectator. She can be reached