APSCUF details how students can vote

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Voter registration encouraged

The Spectator

APSCUF (the faculty union) and the Division of Student Affairs have partnered to ensure that you are able to maintain your voting rights while attending college. APSCUF is “aware that the elected officials have a significant impact on public higher education, and want to insure that students have a say in who those officials are.”

Some members of the Edinboro University faculty have volunteered to discuss the importance of voting from the unique perspective of their academic discipline. Students are “encouraged to fully participate in these discussions and to also complete a voter registration form.”

Students wishing to vote in Edinboro must designate an Edinboro address on the voter registration form. This can be your student housing address. If a non-Edinboro (permanent home) address is used, the voter will have to travel to that city/municipality on Election Day or vote via absentee ballot. Also, per the voter registration form, P.O. boxes are not an acceptable registration address, unless no physical address exists.

Completed voter registration forms that are delivered to Dr. Kahan Sablo’s office by Oct. 1 will be mailed at no charge on your behalf. Most local voting occurs at the Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department or the Borough of Edinboro Municipal Building. Transportation will be available to Edinboro poll locations.

Sablo strongly encourages students to “participate in the selection of the public leaders, and congratulate those who will be voting for the first time.”