'Legends of Night Sky' premieres at Planetarium

Gabriela Luciano/BoroOnline.com
The Edinboro Planetarium shows "Legends of the Night Sky" Monday, Sept. 22.
The Story of Perseus and Andromeda

By Gabriela Luciano/BoroOnline.com

The Edinboro Planetarium opened its doors to the public for a "Legends of the Night Sky" showing Monday night, Sept. 22.

Students and family members of all ages stopped by to learn the story of Andromeda and Perseus, and the Greek myths that corresponded with their constellations. After the showing was over, participants were shown where in the night sky they would be able to find the different constellations and planets. The audience members were later given tours of the museum and observatory. 

The next show will be held Monday, Oct. 6, in the Cooper Science Center. "The Little Star that Could" is a show held for children between the ages of 2 to 6. For more information on the Planetarium and its schedule for this semester, please click on their webpage.