SGA approves new group


By Britnee Ganter
Managing Editor/Spectator

The Student Government Assiciation (SGA) held their weekly Congress meeting on Monday, Sept. 15. SGA discussed a lot of their usual business and added a new club to their list of recognized organizations. SGA is working on making sure this year is both safe and entertaining for students.  

With homecoming being only two weeks away, SGA President Steve Bressler told the Congress he has been working on SGA’s homecoming presence with campus programming director Rikki-Lynn Fowkes.  

Since many of SGA’s executive board changed with the change of the school year, Bressler said they’ve been working on helping the new board members settle into their positions.  

Vice President Rachel Pollard talked about the annual “Safety Walk.” During the safety walk, students walk around campus and make sure everything is safe. Things like broken sidewalks or burned out police lights are documented and shared with SGA.

During the meeting, they also announced that Director of Operations Lisa Englert, who is out on maternity leave, gave birth to a baby boy.  

After the officers and committees gave their reports, SGA voted in favor with a significant majority to recognize the Edinboro University College Republicans as a group on campus.

The group plans to host guest speakers and hold discussion panels in order to educate students about any issues young republicans might face. Any student who wishes to be a part of the College Repub licans may do so. 

Britnee is the Managing Editor at The Spectator. She can be reached at (814) 732-2266