Parking fines increase

By Logan Lilly

Looking for a spot to park on campus can be a much bigger challenge than a person would assume at times. To make matters worse, finding someone parked in a spot not designated for their vehicle only adds to the frustration. A new decision from university officials is looking to solve this issue.

This year, students and faculty alike will notice an increase in price if they are unfortunate enough to receive a parking ticket.

The fine for a parking violation is now $30 with a late fee and an additional $10 if the ticket is not paid within 10 days. This is a significant increase from last year when parking fines were $10.

The decision to increase the price of a ticket came from President Wollman in an attempt to cover the cost of enforcing parking regulations. The Council of Trustees for the university approved this decision to increase parking fines.

Edinboro University Director of Communications, Jeff Hileman, stressed the need to have a well regulated parking situation on a campus of Edinboro’s size.

“That’s an important function on a campus this size, with so many people coming and going throughout each day and each week, and a finite number of parking spaces in high demand locations,” Hileman said.

Interim Police Chief Angela Vincent stressed that the new increase in price of tickets has actually helped reduce the number of tickets given out.

“We have actually seen a significant decline in the number of tickets from those issued during this same time frame last year,” Vincent said.

While to most students the increase is one more thing to worry about financially, senior Sharon Steiner sees it as an avoidable expense if you pay attention to the rules.

“I personally think it’s a good price to pay for not paying attention to the rules,” Steiner said. “In the real world, the cops aren’t going to be lenient or give you an easy way out; you’re supposed to at least have a general knowledge of ‘Oh, I can park here’ versus ‘I probably shouldn’t park here’ especially if the lot is marked.”

Parking lots are labeled throughout campus and are designated by which parking passes are allowed to park there.  Campus police are also trying to reduce the need to ticket by handing out parking maps of campus.

“We have instructed everyone in the office issuing parking decals to give everyone a copy of the map with the rules and regulations and advise them that there have been changes to the fine amounts, urging them to familiarize themselves with the changes,” Vincent said.

To avoid getting a parking ticket student can purchase a parking permit by first registering their vehicles online through MyEdinboro or the campus police’s website, then picking up the sticker at the police station.

Logan Lilly is the editor-in-chief for The Spectator. He can be reached at (814)732-2266