Library offers students more than just books

Students make use of Edinboro University's remodeled Baron-Forness Library.
Boro students gain new study space

By Shaylee Dillen/

On the first floor of Edinboro University's Baron-Forness Library, there's a newly cleared out space for students to occupy for studying and tutoring.

This time last year, this space was filled with shelves full of books. Now, you can find students filtering in and out of the first floor all day long: sitting in chairs, at cubicles or on comfortable couches socializing and/or catching up on schoolwork and studying. It has created a convenient area for all students -- residents and commuters alike -- to come and enjoy the friendly environment at the campus library.

Around the corner from this student-friendly environment is a Starbucks and just up the stairs or elevator on the second floor is the Writing Center, located in rooms 202 and 203. The Writing Center is open every day of the week except Saturday. People working there are willing and ready to help any student struggling with completing an essay or who just wants to improve his or her writing skills.