SGA calls for election recount

By Logan Lilly 

Edinboro University Student Government (EUSGA) is calling for a recount of the ballets for the next EUSGA president, which was held last week.

According to an email sent by EUSGA’s public relations, EUSGA parliamentarian Megan Kupniewski called for a “non-threatening recount” in votes.

The reason for this recount is “to ensure that all votes are credible and to account for any small discrepancies in voting (due to technological issues on that of the students, or just general confusion).” EUSGA’s parliamentarian Megan Kupniewski has sent an email to all students who voted in the election this year to confirm their vote.

The response to this email is due Thursday by 5 p.m. otherwise it will not be counted.

These votes will then be cross referenced with the original votes and any discrepancies will be eliminated by Kupniewski.

According to the email, using to vote this year nearly tripled the number of students voting.

If a student did not receive an email and did vote for EUSGA President, Kupniewski can be contacted at eusgaparliamentarian@

Logan Lilly is the editor-in-chief for the Spectator. He can be reached by (814) 732-2266