Jemetz named new SGA Vice President

Photo: Meghan Findley
EUSGA President Rachael Pollard and new Vice President Tyler Jemetz were sworn into office at Monday’s meeting.
EUSGA announcing new president

By Shaylee Dillen
Staff Writer/Spectator

On Monday, the EUSGA held their second meeting of the spring semester. The Metals Club, CORE and two students with a new idea to bring to the Baron-Forness Library all kicked off the meeting with presentations followed by the swearing in of a new EUSGA vice president.

The Metals Club gave their proposal to attend the SNAG Conference held in May in Boston. While there, the club members will go to lectures and seminars while also being exposed to professionals in the field with the opportunity to network with them. The total of all the expenses came out to be $8,277.50, which the EUSGA passed this motion and awarded The Metals Club with the full amount.

Campus Outdoor Recreation Experience (CORE) requested a sum of $5,500 from EUSGA to allow them to travel to North Carolina to take part in many outdoor activities over spring break. These activities include white water rafting and zip lining. The motion to give CORE the full amount they asked for passed.

Two Edinboro University students, who also happen to be members of the EUSGA, presented an idea to congress that could alter the everyday experience for students in the Baron-Forness Library. Tyler Jemetz and Will Richardson were looking to gain $443.09 to go towards their Phone Charging Rental Program idea. This program would provide phone chargers to all students in the library no matter what phone you have. Precautions would be taken to ensure no theft of these items would be possible as a student ID and student name would both be required at the time of rental as well as a bar code being present on the chargers so that they couldn’t leave the building at any time. The goal was to provide a quick, easy and convenient fix to students who are stuck in the library for hours at a time and maybe didn’t have their charger handy. This motion was also passed by congress and Jemetz and Richardson were granted the money requested.

Toward the close of the meeting, it was announced that after interviewing two applicants for the spot of Vice President for the EUSGA, Tyler Jemetz would take the position. The motion was passed and he was sworn in.

After the meeting, when asked what his hopes and plans are as the Vice President of EUSGA, Jemetz stated, “I want to revitalize communication across campus with the student body, between the SGA and between departments across campus and across the board.”  “I want to make sure that we’re talking with students and representing them.”

Jemetz takes the vice presidency next to the recently elected president, Rachael Pollard.

Shaylee Dillen is the staff writer for the Spectator. He can be reached by