Fire departments converge on College Park

Photo: Logan Lilly
Several firetrucks gather to contain traffic on Darrow road during the issue at College Park.
Smoke billowed from College Park

By Logan Lilly

Several local fire departments converged on the main building and office of College Park apartments late Tuesday night.

Smoke billowed from the right side of the building where the Laundromat is located.

Fire trucks for several local fire departments showed up and blocked off parts of Darrow road.

When asked for comment College Park did not respond in time for press.

No damage to the outside of the building was seen outside of the Laundromat but fire crews were keeping people from entering the building.

Investigation into what caused the fire continues. Look for more information in the next issue of The Spectator.

Logan Lilly is the editor-in-chief for the Spectator. He can be reached by 814-732-2266.