EUP hires new VP for Strategic Initiatives

By Karlee Dies
News Editor/Spectator

As the Dean of Edinboro University’s College of Science and Health Professions, Dr. Nathan Ritchey has concentrated on creating numerous connections in the community and in business partnerships for the students of EUP.

Ritchey was recently given an additional high profile role as the vice president for strategic initiatives.

“It is a great honor for me to represent Edinboro University in this important role. At the same time, the task of helping the university to better place itself strategically can be daunting. I am quite fortunate to have strong support from President Wollman and her leadership team, which enables me to move forward with confidence, ” said Ritchey.

With a dry-erase board full of partnerships to pursue, Ritchey is working to provide more opportunities for Edinboro students and hopes to continue to provide college coursework, new undergraduate and graduate programs, research opportunities and more.

President Wollman stated, “We added the title vice president for strategic initiatives to his dean title to recognize the very important work Dr. Ritchey is doing to advance the university’s strategic position and achieve our strategic goals. Most recently this has taken the form of success in establishing Porreco College, which is growing rapidly and meeting many needs in the region.”

In announcing Ritchey’s new title, EU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Michael Hannan, recognized his leadership in the development of the Porreco College in Erie and of the relationships he has made with various regional industries.

“The Porreco College has been a great success during this past year, allowing Edinboro University to significantly address the region’s need for affordable sub-baccalaureate programming at an affordable cost,” Hannan said in a press release. “Much of this success has resulted from the leadership of Dr. Nathan Ritchey. His work has encompassed developing a vision for the Porreco College, establishing important working relationships with community organizations to create channels for recruitment and student service, and building partnerships with regional industries to ensure that the college offers programs that are career-ready and lead to employment for our Porreco College graduates.”

“I strongly believe that the key to Edinboro University’s future is to partner with other organizations and businesses to increase the excellence we already have on campus and to find new opportunities that will help us to expand the good that we do for the region and beyond,” said Ritchey.

Among other relationships, Ritchey worked with Penelec to create a new partnership with its FirstEnergy Power Systems Institute, which will begin training line workers at both Porreco College and a Penelec facility this fall. Additionally, he is working with several healthcare providers to develop a training program to fill their demanding need for highly trained caregivers.

“I am amazed at the number of amazing opportunities that are available to Edinboro University at this point in time. ,” Ritchey said. “This is a wonderful time to work at or attend Edinboro University,” stated Ritchey.

Ritchey came to Edinboro in August 2013 from Youngstown State University, where he was the chair of the department of mathematics and statistics. He has published widely in medicine and mathematics, including several mathematics textbooks.

Karlee Dies is the news editor for the Spectator. She can be reached by