SGA to hold presidential debate, approves clubs

By Shaylee Dillen
Staff Writer/Spectator

Monday’s Edinboro University SGA meeting consisted of seven different groups of students presenting to congress and an announcement regarding the upcoming presidential debate.

Student representatives for the Medical Tech and Applied Sciences Club asked to be a recognized organization by the EUSGA. Congress passed the motion and the Medical Tech and Applied Sciences Club is now officially a recognized club.

Following, Delta Mu Delta, a national honor society organization, also requested recognition from the EUSGA. The motion was successful and passed by congress, allowing this chapter run by the business department to reportedly hold more speaker and service events and further the education and opportunity for the members of Delta Mu Delta.

The history club then presented in hopes of being re-recognized by the EUSGA since they had lost this previously due to leadership changes and some confusion thereafter. Congress passed this motion, as well.

Students involved in playing the Nintendo fighting game, “Super Smash Bros.,” came with a team of moral supporters to request recognition by the EUSGA and create an official Super Smash Club of Edinboro. This club would reportedly allow students to meet one another through common love for the game and host tournaments, as well. The tournaments would be free to Edinboro students upon verification of their student ID and it would even be open to the public who would have to pay a small price of $3 to play. After deliberation, congress passed the motion.

Campus media next offered to the EUSGA their request of $5,477.24 to attend the College Media Association conference over spring break at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City. The goal is to go to the conference with members from Edinboro Television, WFSE Radio and The Spectator. The full amount was awarded to campus media and they will attend the CMA conference this March.

Criminal Justice Research Assistance presented a request for $3,310.70 to attend the ACJS conference in Orlando, Florida, from March 3-7. Attendance would result in a chance for the research done by Edinboro students to be shared all the way to Florida and for the university to get our name out there. The requested amount was allotted to Criminal Justice Research Assistance by congress.

Lastly, the Clay Club informed congress of a conference they, too, would like to attend in Providence, Rhode Island during the week immediately following spring break. The total amount requested from the EUSGA was $2,678.20 of which congress agreed to award them with. This conference will reportedly feature some artwork done by our own students where an Edinboro University table will be displayed for other attendees to see. This will be a reported major networking opportunity for those involved in this field as well as the chance for students to explore and admire the work of students around the country.

At the close of the meeting, it was announced that there will be a presidential debate held on Monday, Feb. 16 in MPR A, featuring current EUSGA President, Rachael Pollard, and William Lee Galt IV at 8 p.m..

Shaylee Dillen is a staff writer for the Spectator. She can be reached by