Edinboro University’s Brazilian jiu jitsu club holds tournament

Photo: Dr. Korey Kilburn
Edinboro University’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team hosted a tournament on Nov. 22 that showcased multiple different teams.
EUP Jiu jitsu club holds tournament

By Charles Ivey
Contributing Writer/Spectator

One of the fastest growing martial arts is Brazilian jiu-jitsu and it is blossoming right here in the Boro.

The Edinboro Brazilian jiu-jitsu club hosted its fourth-annual tournament, “Mission Submission,” in the Zafirovski Sports & Recreation Dome on Saturday, Nov. 22. 

“The club has been going on for about six years and it’s amazing, it’s grown so much. It’s amazing we can put on events like this,” said club president Amelia Grey.

The 20-plus organized clubs involved in the tournament had local ties and others came from afar. From the Erie-based club known as Underground BJJ and the Pittsburgh-based club, Stout Training Pittsburgh to Camal Judo based in New Jersey. 

Edinboro student and club member Jake Walker spoke on his involvement in the tournament.

“You know I’m here just to see where I’m at with everyone else on my level. Really to see who the best of the best is.”

The tournament was set to kick off at 11 a.m., but was delayed for about 20 minutes to give the competitors who were running late due to the icy roads that morning a chance to arrive. “The basic idea of the tournament, it’s all about jiu-jitsu. There’s not striking,” Dr. Korey Kilburn, a professor and founder of the Edinboro Brazilian jiu-jitsu club said.

“It’s similar to judo or wrestling, but the basic idea is, you say go and you try your judo or your jiu-jitsu techniques. You’re looking for a submission. Some kind of lock, choke or something to try to get the other guy to tap. Stand back up shake each other’s hand and away you go. It is really about the techniques and really the sportsmanship,” Kilburn explained.

“The difference between this event and a lot of other events is that we don’t have any time limits nor do we have any points, so from the time the match starts until the time it ends, the only way you can end is via submission,” tournament assistant Scott McCausland added.

At approximately 11:35 a.m. there was a power outage in the dome, pausing all matches. At 11:45 the lights started to slowly come back on where by 11:47 a.m. the lights were fully on and matches resumed.

Kilburn mentioned the incident was weather related and went on to say Athletic Administrative Coordinator Dave Higham got everything up and running again.

“It’s a nice, clean, family fun atmosphere for people to come down and get some exercise and learn some Jiu-Jitsu,” said Kilburn.

The tournament hosted three skill levels (novice/ beginner, intermediate and advanced) and up to seven weight classes (feather, light, middle, medium-heavy, heavy and ultra-heavy).

The tournament also featured two separate tournaments, Gi and no Gi. The winners of the Men’s Gi Absolute and the Women’s Gi Absolute were Rob Sullivan of Next Level MMA and Briana Coubrough from Rio Pro BJJ club. Other results can be found at mission-submission.com/Results.   

EUPBJJ meets Monday and Wednesday, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the basement of McComb Fieldhouse.     

Charles Ivey is the contributing writer for the Spectator. He can be reached by news.spectator@gmail.com